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Hi there, I am a newly married man with a beautiful and simple yet always horny naked wife. She loves me a lot but also does have a good sex drive. We have had sex many a number of times till now even though we are married for about 9 months only. During one of the nights while fucking, I asked my wife to tell me a sex story so that I may get aroused and have a good fuck. She narrated a story about her being fucked by other guys in my presence and her narration was really explicit and thorough which made me cum stronger and hard.

The sex story of my naked wife is as below:

Darling we are having sex and two of your best friends just ring the bell. We are in the middle of the act and these two have come to the door. You get up cursing the people on the door and wear your t-shirt and knickers to open the door to find your friends on the door.

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They see you in casual attire and question about what were you doing. You hesitatingly say you were with me in bed. They have a wry smile on their faces and ask about where I am.

You trust your friends and tell them that I am in the bed room. One of your friends surprisingly moves towards the bed room to find me lying naked on my stomach with my naked back completely available for view. He immediately gets a hard on and reaches out for the bed after he has switched off the lights. I assume that you are back. He removes his clothes and is in the bed naked next to me.

Mean time, the other friend and you are busy chatting in the drawing room completely oblivious to the situation I am in. I turn around and hug your friend and ask him (thinking him to be you) to complete the fucking as I am horny. He is really turned on and starts to suck my breasts and kisses me on the stomach. He is good at fondling breasts and sucking the nipples and makes me wet down there. I beg him to rub my pussy and he obliges. I am now turned on and ask him to put his dick in my vagina.

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He is panting now with high level of arousal and inserts his dick in me. This is when I sense some thing is different. The cock that enters me is thicker and bigger as compared to my husband’s. I open my eyes and look out for the night lamp near the bed and switch it on, to see the face of the man fucking me hard. I was shocked to see my husband’s friend over me in missionary position and hitting me inside with his hard dick.

I was not sure how it happened, and I asked him to stop, to which he said he has been sent by my husband to satisfy me. I thought about it and decided against raising an alarm because this man has already penetrated me and I too was enjoying the big cock and now the feeling of another man doing me was a turn on for me too. I asked him to do it fast and get over soon. I kept the light on so that I could see his face and have the visuals in mind for a life time.

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He came after I came and all his semen was on my body. He left the room after this and joined his friend in the other room. Listening to her story was a big arousal for me and I came big time that night. Knowing the thought process and desires of my naked wife I decided to discuss the matter of getting her fucked by one of my friends, a friend she would also accept to be fucked by in my presence.

She was initially reluctant but later agreed after I gave her the option of choosing the person she wants to have sex with. My only condition was to do it in my presence and may be a threesome. She agreed to it. I inquired about the person she would like her partner to be. Ironically, the person turned out to be a colleague who works with me in my office but was known to my wife after we met him in a party.

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He was smart, fair and stylish, a taller fellow, with a sophisticated look that impressed many. I believe my wife had a liking for him since she saw him. I was a bit jealous, but wanted her satisfied. I called Arun to my place one day for drinks in the evening and asked my wife Priya to dress revealingly and just sexy enough to have him thinking of her. The plan was to have him drinking enough to accept our proposal and my wife’s dressing would help.

On the day, my wife dresses in a low cut top without a bra and a pair of tight jeans. He came in the evening and was looking at my wife straight away. I requested him to come for drinks and he accepted the offer. We were in my room with a bottle of whiskey on the table and my wife bringing snacks and 3 glasses. I asked my wife to come and join, to which my friend was a little surprised. I told him that she drinks occasionally and it was okay.

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I saw him having a look at my wife’s revealing dress and partially visible cleavage and the tip of the nipples which was also visible. Our talks gradually changed from the routine office works to personal topics like home life and children. I asked him about his wife and he inquired from Priya about how she was with me after the recent marriage. She was giggling and said that I needed some improvement on the bed.

He became open after 4 measures of drink that we both had and asked me as to why Priya was not satisfied with me. I told him, that she is too sexed up and I alone can not satisfy him. We need to find some other person who could help her get satisfied on a regular basis. He started teasing my wife with this, calling her a nymph. We all had fun talking, and I proposed Arun to be the one who would do it with my wife.

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He was startled, but I told him to calm down, as this was agreeable to me and Priya. He agreed to our proposal after some thought. I asked him to come to our bed room which we had prepared for the fucking. Once we three entered the room, my wife started removing her clothes and Arun saw her topless, me and Priya were already seeing the bulge in Arun’s trousers. We were happy to bring it this far. I asked Priya to help Arun remove his clothes.

She unbuttoned his shirt and removed his trousers to find his cock hard inside his boxers. She removed the boxers and touched the hard dick. Priya does not like cock sucking, so she just kept stroking his penis till he was very hard and a bit of pre-cum had appeared on his dick. I made Priya lie down on the bed and Arun was aroused and he immediately started to feed on Priya’s breasts, sucking and kissing her soft boobs every where.

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Priya was in ecstasy and having real fun being done by other man n her husband’s presence. I was also turned on and I removed all clothes to lie next to them with my dick in my hand stroking gently looking at Arun and Priya making out. Arun was engrossed with my naked wife, kissing her passionately. The drinks did make the two of them and me really horny. Arun was kissing passionately and sucking on Priya’s breasts like a hungry little boy.

Priya’s breasts are medium sized and very shapely and Arun was feeding like there was no tomorrow. She was stroking his dick gently to keep him turned on. Arun started to come down on Priya and kissed her stomach and further down on the pelvic area. This aroused Priya further, she was looking at me and I sensed pleasure in her eyes. I was amazed at what I was watching, my naked wife getting loved by a stranger and her enjoying it.

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I assume she was enjoying it because I was there to see her too. Being fucked in the presence of spouse makes one have even more pleasure when the spouse is consenting. Arun reached for Priya’s pussy and started to lick her there. Priya was aroused like anything and started to moan loud, to which Arun increased his pace of licking her. In a few minutes she was ready and asked Arun to fuck her.

Arun was waiting for the signal and immediately took her dick and inserted in my naked wife’s cunt, resulting in a loud moan from Priya. Arun was fucking Priya in missionary position and I was watching him push hard in to her. After a few minutes, they changed position and he was having her in doggy style position from behind. Priya was on all fours and her ass was towards Arun on his knees. Arun pushed hard at her from behind, with greater force and urgency.

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It appeared he was on a high and wanted to tear Priya’s cunt. I watched Priya asking her to fuck harder and was amazed at a woman’s desire to be fucked hard or having her partner have maximum pleasure out of her body. I love this in a woman. She gives it all she has. In the mean time, Arun and Priya again changed position and she was on top with her face towards Arun. Arun was holding her breasts and she was jumping on his dick with all the power she had. I saw

Arun rubbing Priya’s clit as she moved up and down on his cock. She loved the rubbing and her muscles were ready to contract as she was nearing climax. Arun was also moving his fingers faster on her clit. Here, is when Priya came and her body trembled as she stopped moving and hugged Arun and kissed him hard while she came. She was over with it now and it was now Arun’s turn to come.

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He made Priya lay and again positioned himself in the missionary position and was shoving hard in to Priya’s vagina. Priya was moaning and asking him to come hard at her and was yelling ‘yes, yes, come on yes’, this made Arun fuck her harder with Priya’s breasts moving up and down to Arun’s thrusts. Arun finally came and sucked my naked wife’s breasts as he unloaded his cum on her vagina. Both Arun and Priya were breathing heavily and the whole sex act lasted about

45 minutes with both of them satisfied. Even I did masturbate sitting on the side of the bed. All three of us slept in the same bed that night and in the morning I asked Arun to be present in the room as I fucked my naked wife. I enjoyed fucking her as she was also in high spirits after the fucking by Arun. It all was turning her on and she was pleasured by the happening of the most unlikely event in her life. We have been having satisfactory sex for about 2 months now after that incident and are looking forward to calling Arun again some day.