After Divorce

Hello all, I am Rathika ( that’s what they used to call me).. I love reading Indian sex stories and Cuckold sex stories. Now, without any further delay, let’s get on with the sex story.

I parked my car inside the compound and got out and asked him to come out, he was looking serious and looks around him and came out. I held his hand and pulled him by saying”don’t afraid, no one is here”.

He smiled and followed me into my house,i asked him to seat in sofa and I went to fridge and took one pepsi and give it to him. He was sipping it with his face kind of freak. I looked at him,he maybe 25 or 26 years,clean saved with thick and dark mustache,i wondered,why this guy having large mustache as he is always afraid. He finished and smiled at me.

I asked him to follow me and I went upstairs towards my room and he followed and seated in bed. I went near the mirror and looking at my body. I was well dressed in pure red transparent saree with red low cut blouse, and red petticoat and always wears in low hip .

My hairs are loosened and had a red lipsticks applied. Half of my white mangoes are visible through my saree. I went and sat next to him. He became nervous and stealing glance at me. I noticed the bulge in his pant and thought ” tonight gonna be a long night”. I placed my hand on his thigh and turned and hugged me tightly. Ouch, that was totally unexpected. He crushed me tightly and my body feels pain and pleasure.

I hugged him and feels his body heat, he running his hand on by back and pressing my ass. His chest crushed my breast and my nipple is erect, he must be felt it. I kissed his neck and moving my lips on his chin. He caught my head and kissed my lips and sucking it. I released suddenly, and she removed my saree and I removed his shirt. He placed his hands on my breasts and pressed both the breast hardly,i moaned and moves towards to him to kiss his lips. But he avoided my lips( my mouth is clean and smells pleasantly).

He opened my blouse and black bra,my mangoes are bow naked and he pressed it and I caught her head and put it in my breast,he kissed once and took my nipples in his mouth and sucked it. He asked me to remove my petticoat,i removed and he said panty too. I removed and he rubbing my clean shaven pussy and sucking my nipples. I closed my eyes and feeling the pleasure and he suddenly placed me on bed and hugs me and rolled.

I caught his pant and removed with the underwear. His 6 inch penis is erected and sprung out. I caught it and it was normal. I kissed his penis and puts it into my mouth and started sucking , but I not loving it( I love sucking thin cocks). He moaned louder and I licked the entire cock and moved to his ball, but he stopped me and made me lie on bed and he spread over me and pressing his erect cock on me..I love the feeling.
He moves to my pussy and rubbed it. I opened my legs widely, he started rubbing his penis on it and inserted it into mine. I am all wet but it is hard to take him. I asked him to suck my pussy,but he denied. I became angry but doesn’t utter a word, I don’t want to spoil this moment. He inserted it hard and I totally hate him.

After he entered me, he is pressing my breast and pumping me hard for five minutes and cummed inside me ( bastard, he even not asked my permission). And he withdrawn his penis and lied beside me and murmuring something.

I calmed myself because I want a second round. But he dressed himself,i asked him,what? . He said that he will leave as he finished. I don’t want to argue with him. He said he will go himself. I wore a bathrobe and accompanied him till gate and he said bye. I went to my room and cleaned myself and lied on bed . I don’t even think of pick up man and ended with him. He is the first man I had sex other than my husband. I cursed myself for my lonely and it all because of that marriage.

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep,but my mind reminded the life before 28 years. Yes that when I born to my parents, I am second child and I have two brothers and one younger sister. My father is a industrialist and had owned number of companies. My mom is conservative and good looking . I was resembled as her when I reach puberty and love to be like mom. My father gives more money to all of us and from my childhood, I don’t like being rich, I love to friendly with others.

I studied MBA and now I managing a company of dad( he gives it to me), I cant even touch boy in my college, I talk to them,but don’t allow them to cross the limits. I have lot of girls as friends. We are living in Chennai, and I am married to a businessman when I am 23 . I loved him and respected him. I had my sex with him, he was totally surprised that I am virgin. He was good at sex and satisfied me .

After one year he started to doubt me and always had a fight with me. I promised that ” I dont even think of other men in my dream. But he disbelieved me . Day by day his suspicion . And he even started to beat me. My life started to became dark after one year. I told that to my father, he asked me to get divorced. I don’t like that and directly spoke with my husband,he said ” I found your bad side, so u asked for divorce and your father helps you”. I cant tolerate it and divorced.

My dad wants me to get married again, but I started to hate men and want to convert my energy into business and wanted to grow. My dad gave his one company. I am now living in a villa near seashore and mostly went to office and concentrated on my job.
I later introduced to my old friend,she told about picking random men and had sex with them. Day by day I wanted sex,so I searched on one bus stop and picked him by showing my breast. This is my guest house and always with a security. I asked him to leave when am there. And I told him that” if anyone asked about me, then tell she sell the house and went to somewhere”.

I cursed myself as I am picking a wrong (waste) man. And I thought that it is revenge by god. One of my cousin is Rahul. He loved me for four years,but I don’t know that.
While in a family function,he called me and gives a letter and proposed me. I don’t take it wrong and don’t even think of it. I called up all my family members and read out loud that letter, his face became small and all members are making fun of him and laughed at him. But he started to cry and went inside his room.

I became feel at him and cursed myself for doing like that, I thought he may take this jovial. I went to him and said sorry. But he said ” I loved you,but u make me joker in front of all , I became humiliated because of loving you. I don’t want to speak with you and went outside.

I doesn’t gave much response and she stopped talking with me and avoided me in functions. He doesn’t even came to my marriage. After am divorced , he came to me and said something to feel good. I asked him why are you taking care, whom you hate. He said that I never said that I hate you. Am just avoiding you. And he went. Then I started to feel for him, and I cant approach,he is happily married and enjoying life. It is real that woman comes to you when u avoid them ( nerungi pona thalli pothu, thalli pona nerungi varuthu). Thats all about my past.

I cant know when I sleep, the next day I woke up on 10 am and had breakfast and started to watch tv. I feels horny and needed a sex at least a cock inside me for five minutes. After some minutes I decided to seduce man and get laid. I went and had a nice bath. I prefer saree to seduce. It is so sexy wear to seduce. I wore a blue saree and matched blouse without innerwear. I put a light makeup. And opened a Chennai map and touched a place with my eyes closed. And it was near my street. I started my car and went to that road and opened my window and looking for men.

Suddenly I get a attention from a young boy and he is slim handsome and has light mustache and wearing a formal dress and looking good. Girls age of his age are definitely fall for him. I too looked at him. Because there is no good guy there. He came near where I parked my car and react like waiting for bus. He is stealing glance at me. I looked myself my pallu is misplaced and my cleavage is visible. I don’t care about it. He is attractive and makes me to look at him. I noticed him, he has two notebook with him ,maybe he is a college student. But am not interested as I want some mature hunk to taste me.

I looked surround and no one is looking at me and I too don’t had a guy. He not moving or catching bus . I waited there ( maybe sighting him) for half an hour and he too waited sorry staring me, and I fixed my mind to take this romeo. I looked at his eyes and he is looking my eyes. I signaled him, he turned to other side. I thought he is afraid. But my heart( really) liked him. I called him, he came near me and asked what u want? . I asked what is the time and slipped my pallu fully like accidentally dropped. His jaw opened and looking at my boobs and he forget the world. I looked at him and he is so nice to watch closely. I called him and he said what?

Can you come into my car, he asked why? . I replied I liked you and want to chat with you. He said okay and looked around and opened the back door and entered. I smiled myself and drove the car.