Romantic evening with Cousin

Hi! I am Ronnie Ganguly, I love reading Incest sex stories. I am 23 years old, living in the Industrial town of Faridabad. I am currently in the final year of my graduation. I have a wheatish complexion with a good built and dick of at least 6 inches.

This story dates back to 2011 when I was in class 11 and had a cousin sister visiting me in her spring break after her class 12th examinations.

Now, my sister Rupal Pal (name changed) is a very fair and decent looking girl with a big rack and a nice ass with just right amount of fats in her belly. Doesn’t that sound irresistible already?

Don’t know the stats exactly but must be around 34-30-34.

Lemme jump to the story now. It was her third day of stay and I was sleeping till late as usual. She woke up early took bath and did her rituals as usual.

My mom woke me up at 11. And just as I went to the kitchen for my breakfast after freshening up. I was staggered to see my sister so very hot. She wore a noodle strap top with tight pajamas and I don’t know why had erect nipples. I swear, I hadn’t imagined anything of that sort about her before.

I finished my breakfast as soon as I could and went to my study room to jerk off thinking about an hot session with her.

Later that afternoon, my mom had her kitty party and left by 3 and said that she would come back only by 7. So started my planning to land my hot cousin to my submission.
After mom went away, I switched on my television and invited my sister to accompany me to watch a movie. She readily agreed. As I have a lot of liquor stock at my home and have permission to drink, I took out two pints of beer, gave one to my sister and started the movie. After the drink was finished, my sister was feeling dizzy as she wasn’t used to drinking.

I took advantage of the situation and started to caress her head and body telling her that it’ll ease her up and started a conversation.

After a while of discussing general topics, I asked her if she has a boyfriend to which she said No but would like to have one.

Then in a joking mood I asked if she was that eager for sex. She said yes, but wasn’t in a hurry to have it. She said that she used to watch porn and like it.

But, I acted in an innocent manner saying that I had never seen it. She reacted in a shocking manner and said wait ‘ I have some in my laptop ‘ and went to get it.

Now, my heart started pounding with happiness as I saw that the matter was in my grip. She bought her lappy and played a video from a folder ‘ Bhakti Sangeet ‘ ( I seriously never expected that a girl too would have such a good collection). The video named ‘ Russian teen schoolgirl blonde ‘ started.

A couple of minutes into the video, I started to become hard and stole views of my cousin’s jiggling boobs (what a lovely view). She too saw me and suddenly paused the video.

She asked ” if I was comfortable ” to which I replied yes, but was feeling strange.
She suddenly gave my hard penis a slap saying ” has it never happened before? “. I said yes, but this time it is too much. She asked the reason. I said ” why not, I am seeing this horny video with the sexiest girl I could imagine “. She asked ” How do you define me as sexy? ”

I said ” you have a perfect figure and absolutely correct assets “. She laughed touching her boobs ” these?, do you like them? ” I said yes.

She started to strip and took off her top. I was startled to see those fair and big boobs ogle at me. Then grabbed my penis and said ” you too have a long tool bro”. I laughed and let her play, she took out my penis and kissed it saying ” let me ease the stress ”
As she stroked my penis, I became uncontrollable and started pressing her boobs. She too became hot and started hurrying.

Took off her black bra and shorts.

She also took off my tee, Short and my undies. I was totally nude and she was just in her blue printed panties.

After a few strokes and boob presses, she resumed the video saying ” Lemme be your teacher into this world ”

As the video resumed, she instructed to start the kisses, I started from her lips to neck then ate and sucked her nipples for complete 10 minutes when she suddenly froze. I knew she came.

Then I started kissing her stomach and then finally reached her panty. It was drenched with her juices which smelled like heaven and I started to remove it in a teasing manner.
I saw the pussy.. Tight, Dark pink with traces of hair. Then started to find her clitoris and finger fuck her.

She then became uncontrollable and started screaming in madness.

After about 3-4 minutes, she came again.

Now was my turn. As she played badminton and skipped a lot, her hymen was broken.

o, I inserted my dick into her pussy with a single force.

As it was our first time, we both felt too much tightness and un-easiness. But, as she was wet, we got along well.

After continuously increasing the thrusts and strokes, I finally felt the urge to cum and came on her legs.

She was so very exhausted that she pulled me close, started kissing me hard and then slept side by side and went to sleep.

Even I didn’t wake her up till 5:30, then again, just as I woke her up she became horny seeing my tool and requested for a quickie. We finished within 20 minutes, dressed up and set all the things in right order.

My mom came back at 8 and then started the feeling of guilt. But, that didn’t stop me I still fucked her 8 times more till the time she went away, but with condoms.

Unfortunately, after she vent to Vellore for her studies I haven’t seen her and miss her.