Dream come true

Hi Free sex stories readers this is Bichu from Kerala with my own experience with my elder cousin sister. This is my first story so please ignore the mistakes.

I am 21 years old now currently doing b tech 4th year,my sister Jenni is now 26 years old she is married to an engineer 2 years back and now mother of a boy. She is not a perfect sex bong but she is cute and attractive.

Now coming to the story

This story starts when I was studying in 12th. Before that we were close enough to have personal talks but I never had a bed intention.In mid of 2010 she applied for a job in Bajaj Motors and she got selected as an accountant their. Her home is about 50 km away from the city for the training purpose she came to my home town my mom suggested her to stay with us. Now about my family consist of me my parents we leave in 3bhk house. I was really happy by hearing the news that she is going to stay with us since I was the only child I bored all the time.

After three day she came to my home along with her baggage. I welcomed her with a warm hug, after that she had a bath and after dinner she goes to sleep with my mom since my father works in a distant place.That night every thing go as before and I had no intention of have sex with her.

The next day when I wake up and entered into my bathroom I heard the sound of some one taking bath in the outside bathroom.The external bathroom is newly constructed and the exhaust window of my bathroom connect to the other bathroom.I know my mom don’t take bath so early so I looked through the window I was really frozen by the view …

“I saw my sister standing naked and applying soap on her sweet boobs”

I continue looking until she complete her bath . The seen was so sex and I masturbated while watching . This is the first time I have a sexual interest on her..

She looks cute with sweet lips and attractive face. She had now small and sexy boobs which really attracted me she is slim and her is so pretty like cheese sandwich which always make my dick hard.

After her bath she dressed up and get ready for attending the training. Suddenly my mom called me and asked me to drop her to the taring center even though I don’t have license I used to use my fathers bike. That day I dropped her to the place on bike I try to use each every chance to touch her….

That evening when she came back home at 5:30 pm.I came home after tuition at 7 pm . I had my coffee and searched for my sister. I found her in my room using my computer I went over their and asked her about the taring and the day. Suddenly I found that her hair is wet which make me unhappy and I ask her “did you take bath ” and she responded yes.That day after dinner I go to my room and she and mom go to their to sleep.

But I was unable to sleep. I try to sleep … But even after long hours I was unable to sleep when each time I close my eyes I see her naked in-front of me … That time I need to touch her.. The feeling was so heavy that I could not control. But I was feared that my mom is sleeping with her if she catch me every thing will end .So I get some under wears of her from the basket and cum on them remembering the morning seen.

Next day I wake up early with the only intention to see her bathing . I waited until 8:30 but nothing happen and no one came to take bath. After 10 min someone knock on my rooms door .When I open it I saw my sister standing in-front after dressing and ready to go.She asked me to drop her I dressed up quickly and dropped her .

That night I was unable to control so I entered the room where she was sleeping,the door was not locked . I slowly touched her on her lips. I wait for some time to know her response. She didn’t respond so got some courage . I slowly started touching her boobs over here dress.

Suddenly I got my dick harder since it was first time I touch a women’s personal part. I rub it for some time and their was no response from her so I try to touch it through the dress’s neck hole. But she wake up suddenly . I got feared and rushed to my room.
The next day I get up early but I was feared to go out of my room.If she say that to my mother it will be my end. But after some time knocked on my door and asked me to drop her to her office. We were going on bike she didn’t say anything about yesterday night and she didn’t get angry on me . But her style of sitting on bike changed she site like in front seat and so close to me that I can feel her boobs.

I take it as a good sign and continued my night business as same for 3 four days, every thing was going normal and the next night I started touching her I feel like I need to touch her intimate areas . A slowly put my hands under her blanket and try to loosen her pants so I can put my hands in .

Finally after long time of effort I loosen the pant and put my hand inside . She was wearing a smooth panty I slowly rubbed her pussy over it . She didn’t move and was silent ..

I slowly kissed on her lips and continue rubbing. She is not responding and not rejecting me. I take it as a positive sign so I put my hand inside her panty and I feel the slippery juice of her I slowly inserted my middle figure into her pussy. Suddenly she take a deep breath but remain unmoved and didn’t respond.I fingered her pussy for about 20 min and meanwhile I masturbated and cum over her face. She opened her eyes and smiled at me and licked my dick..

I was so happy she accepted me ….