Desi wife fucked hard by husband’s boss

My name is Uma and I am a 29yrs old Married woman having a very sexy figure of 38-32-36 and been married for 4yrs. I make heads turn wherever I go because of my big mummay and butt which I am proud to show off. I wanted to share my experience with you all that happened after 3yrs of my marriage and changed my life forever, I was a virgin till my marriage and my husband was the first and the only male to take my virginity or sleep with me till this happened. Hindi Sex Stories

I realized that my husband’s interest in me was going down and we were not having sex like before which was two – three times a day minimum. Now the frequency was down to probably once in one or two months. So I confronted him and asked him if he was having sex with someone else or if he did not find me attractive anymore and this was making me to get into depression.

Having gotten so used to frequent sex I was getting really desperate and was constantly horny throughout the day and night. So I discussed my problem with my best friend and colleague Pooja and she immediately replied saying that this was no problem at all. She said that if my husband was not taking interest in me and not satisfying my sexual needs then I should explore the option to have sex with someone else who can satisfy me.

Then she also mentioned that our boss – Raj had his eyes on me since I joined this place and I should try to see if he is the man who can take care of my needs. I was quite shocked with what she said and at the same time my body was dying for sex and my mind started racing in all directions about how it might actually be if I went ahead.

I then told her that I was did not like the idea of sleeping with someone other than my husband. That night I was lying awake thinking about the proposal by Pooja and I realized that unknowingly my one hand was playing with my left nipple and the other was rubbing my choot. I was dripping wet down there and had a great orgasm in the next few mins just thinking about the whole thing.

I decided that I will give it a try since I could keep this as a secret to myself. And since my husband was not able to take care of my physical needs, he did not deserve my honesty to him anymore. Hence the next day when I was getting ready to go to work I dressed up all set to get Raj’s attention with my saree tied really low revealing my waist and a very deep cut blouse which barely concealed my bra and some very fine piece of bridal underwear along with some decent sized heels.

That day I walked into my office and went straight to Raj’s cabin to greet him and I could see that he was speechless with his jaw hanging open in awe. That day I made sure my pallu was pinned up quite loose enough to give a full view of my mummay and that resulted in Raj calling me to his cabin on some pretext or the other every few mins…

I made it a point to stand bent over facing him so I could give him enough chances to gaze right inside my blouse. I did catch him staring right inside my blouse but despite the fact that I was noticing he kept talking to me with his eyes glued to my mummays. I also noticed what I would call a BIG bulge in his trousers which he managed to brush past quite frequently against me on every chance or occasion.

Then he called me into his cabin and gave Pooja instructions that he did not want to be disturbed for the next 1 hour. He held his cabin door open for me for the first time and closed it right after I walked in. he then asked me to get comfortable on the sofa this time, while he served me a soft drink. He then came and sat right next to me on the sofa, so close that his body was in complete and direct contact with mine from shoulder to ankles.

Then he complimented me that I was looking very beautiful today. Just to play along I asked him if it was me looking good today or me dressed up like this that he was referring to. Then he said he was referring to both. He also suggested that I should try some western clothes and that would suit me better. During this entire conversation his eyes were glued to my mummays.

Then he then asked me to standup in front of him and when I did he asked me to slowly walk in circles so he could get a good look at me. After I did a few circles I asked him if he still felt that I would look good in western or something else. His answer was that he was not very sure but could only suggest after seeing me wear something western.