Desi wife fucked hard by husband’s boss

I asked him to continue what he was doing since I was on the edge of my orgasm. He continued for another few minutes and I had a very thrilling orgasm. I however felt sorry that he did not get the complete pleasure of being able to fuck me nor had his release, so I knelt in front of him and held his lund with both my hands and with great reluctance kissed the tip of his lund with my lips.

I looked up and saw him smiling and he was very happy at my gesture. Sensing my complete lack of experience in sucking a lund he guided me by first asking me to first lubricate my mouth and lips with my saliva and hold them open wide. I did as I was told and he then slowly inserted just one inch of his lund inside my mouth.

He then asked me to suck on it like a lollypop while stroking it with my hands. He was oozing precum at the same time and I really liked the taste of it. Now all my reservations etc… were gone and I started sucking him trying to take more of him inside with every stroke. He also told me that I was a quick learner and was doing a fantastic job.

Then he asked me to lick the entire length of his lund from base to tip. I did so for a few more minutes. Within 10mins that I had been sucking him off I was able to take him completely inside touching my lips to his base… then he told me that he wanted to fuck my mummays. I was very thrilled with the idea since I never thought about something like this.

Then he asked me to kneel in front of him holding my mummays around his Lund with some of my saliva to keep the lubrication. He fucked my mummays for 15mins and told me that he was going to ejaculate. Since I had just tasted his precum and found it so tasty I wanted to taste his seed now. I told him I wanted him to ejaculate in my mouth.
I again started sucking him deep. After about 10mins of sucking him he groaned and held my head firm with his lund deep inside my mouth shooting his seed in my mouth in spurts with every stroke. For the next few seconds he kept flooding my mouth with his seed stroke after stroke.

I really liked the taste and quantity and swallowed as fast as I could and was also trying to imagine how this will feel when he shoots his seed inside my choot. After I sucked him dry He then dressed up and left giving me a kiss saying that I had just given him the best blowjob he had ever had and asked me to dress up with the new lingerie and meet him at the sales counter so we could finish the selection soon…

When I reached the sales counter I saw that he had lined up a selection of over 50 varieties of exotic lingerie ranging from party wear to bridal wear and asked me if there were any that I did not like… I told him that I had never before tried any of them and I would trust his selection and taste which was very good so he asked the sales girl to pack all of them including the one I was already wearing…

I did not say anything since it was not me who was paying for it anyways. Then we got into the car and he asked his driver to take us to some beauty parlor. He said that I had a very beautiful figure and those western dresses he bought for me would do justice only when my skin was glowing and without any hair.

During the entire time I was with him in the car he kept playing with my mummays and kept kissing me. I also kept rubbing his lund over his trousers. When we got to the parlor he told the lady attendant that she had to get me ready as if for my marriage and honeymoon and to do everything including removal of all the hair from my body…

he stressed all hair and when the attendant asked him by whispering something in his ear and he nodded yes… I did not know what she asked and what he said yes to but I just went along. The lady told him that everything will take about 2hrs since all her attendants were free and to come back later…. In the parlor I was stripped down to wearing nothing and I had 5 girls working on various parts of my body.

When the hair removal thing came they removed hair from my armpits and also from my choot area. When I asked them why that one the lead girl said that is also what he had specially insisted and makes the choot look very beautiful also hinting at my crotch less panties that I had just taken off.

I knew that I would be in bed with him very soon and so far he had been taking very good care of me. I already had very fair color skin and this beauty parlor job had made my skin glow every more bright. Then I dressed up again in my sari and stepped into the reception where he was eagerly waiting. He said he was just out of words to describe how beautiful I was looking.