Desi wife fucked hard by husband’s boss

He also gave me some great kisses on the exposed part of my chest. Then he reached out and unbuttoned my bra from front and I helped him take it off completely along with my top. So here I was sitting in his lap completely topless with a skirt. He was taking care of my mummay like an expert but I was finding the position a little uncomfortable.

So I straddled his lap with one thigh on each side of his lap and sat on his lap with my mummay now in the perfect alignment with his mouth. He went mad sucking my nipples and kissing my mummay for over 15mins and I too had an orgasm during this time. He constantly kept saying that I had the most beautiful figure he had come across and he would like to have me for the rest of his life.

Then I reached out to his shirt and unbuttoned it and removed it. What I saw was a very hairy chest but with the built of a body builder. I reached out to the bulge in his trousers and I unhooked his belt and also removed his underwear and trousers completely. He asked me to stroke his tool with my hands and to take it in my mouth and suck it.

I told him that I had never done oral sex before and will take time to get there. He did not insist and picked me up and made me lay down on the sofa… then he lifted my skirt and I spread my thighs as wide as I could go since I was expecting him to enter me with his magnificent manhood but instead I felt his fingers rubbing my choot.

And within a few minutes he pushed two fingers into my choot. I shrieked since my hubby had never done anything like this to me before. He calmed me down by giving me another kiss on my lips with his fingers still in my choot. Then he again went down and this time started licking my choot with his fingers probing deep inside. He told me that my choot tasted very sweet.

I cannot describe how heavenly it felt and I had another orgasm there. Then he got up and asked me if I was ready for the final assault? I told him I was dying for it and for the first time in my life I have been treated to so much fun. I also told him that I had never had something of his proportions before so to do it slowly to make it less painful…

he then climbed on top of me grabbing both my mummay with his hands and bringing his lips closer to mine for another kiss… I was lying below him with my legs still spread wide and reached out to his monster with my hands and gave him some short strokes and felt his precum. Then I positioned his tool at my entrance and raised my abdomen slightly and the head of his tool just entered my choot.

I was feeling on top of this world at this moment and want this to last. He then locked my lips in a nice kiss and also massaging my mummay very hard and now started slowly pushing his tool into me. I felt very little pain because he was doing it so slowly and was going in and out from the start and with every stroke he would enter slightly further.

I was really enjoying these slow strokes that he was giving me since I was experiencing more pleasure than pain. Within a few minutes he broke the kiss and I could feel his lund completely inside me. He told me that I was tight as a virgin even now and today he had realized his dream of fucking me since the time he had recruited me 3yrs back.

While talking to me he started giving me very slow and long strokes with countless kisses. I also told him that I had no idea that sex could be so enjoyable since when my hubby fucked me it lasted not more than 5-7 minutes. With his tool inside me he picked me up and sat upright on the sofa.

We then picked up our champagne glasses and had another toast to our first unforgettable lovemaking session. He then asked me to rock my bottom slightly giving him to and fro motions in this position. I really felt so good and also felt grateful to Pooja to have given me this idea. While I was rocking my bottom he was busy sucking my mummay and also giving me countless kisses all over my body.

He then told me that the reason he selected this particular outfit for me was so that having sex in his office should not be too much of a problem. I told him that he had got me addicted to his lovemaking and I was willing to have him fuck me round the clock…. Now he stood up while still inside me and holding me in the air and started giving me some hard strokes from below.