Desi wife fucked hard by husband’s boss

He quickly settled the bill and we headed to his place. He then picked up a very sexy secretary office outfit along with some exotic lingerie from what we had bought today and asked me to change into it immediately. I told him that I had never tried something like this before and was feeling very shy to wear it in public. He said this time it is only the two of us and regarding the public we will see later.

He also said it will showcase my figure and all my curves and I would look very hot and sexy in it. Then I asked him where I could change and he proposed I use his bedroom. I went there and locked the door behind me and started removing my sari first and folding it neatly since I will need it again on the way home.

I saw around his bedroom and he had a very spacious one with a dresser right opposite to the entrance door. He had a king size bed at one end and all luxuries one can ever think of. I quickly undressed completely and stood in front of the mirror to take a look at myself. My entire body was glowing and then I lifted and placed my right leg on the dresser so I could take a closer look at my choot.

I was clear and void of any hair and was surely looking very nice. I ran my fingers along my clit and could feel the wetness caused by various things that happened during the day and also the thought that I was going to get fucked very soon by someone other than my hubby. I then started putting on the new outfit he had bought for me and started with the milk white stockings which reached up to my half my thighs.

Then I put on the garter belt and the white panties which I realized were again of the crotch less type so I could get a lund in my choot without having to remove them. Then I put on the bra which was a white satin one similar to the one which I tried earlier. Then I picked up the white top which was quite a deep neck one and put it on.

I intentionally left the top three buttons open and spread the top wide from the collar so that I could expose my entire cleavage except my bra. Then I put on the black pleated skirt which was enough to cover my thighs till just above the knees. And if I bent over touching my toes with my hands then someone was going to have a great show of my choot and gaand.

Now when I looked at myself in the mirror I was surely looking very sexy and hot. I would surely get noticed and get a lot of attention. I stepped out of his bedroom and went to his living room where he was seated. When he saw me his eyes literally popped out and he jumped out of his seat. He could not stop showering me with praises that I looked like a princess or better than most Hollywood / Bollywood actresses etc…

then he came close to me and gave me a tight hug while his hands felt up my entire body from head to my thighs. I just stood still with my eyes closed. After 5mins he broke the hug and kissed me on both my cheeks and then my forehead. Then he kissed my neck and earlobes. Due to all this body contact I was getting quite aroused and my breathing again became heavy and fast.

Then he gave me a kiss on my lips which went on for another 5 minutes and left us both breathless. During this kiss he gave some light squeezes to my mummay and also reached up under my skirt from behind and squeezed my butt hard. I had both my hands around his back and in his hair… seeing me responding nicely to his advances he picked me up and sat down on the sofa with me in his lap.

He then asked me to open my eyes and to talk to him… he asked me if I had any objection to the new dress code and I told him I didn’t except my family. Then he said he would have everything arranged in a wardrobe in his cabin and I could come dressed up as usual and change there in his cabin.

I looked down in shame and he asked me what the matter was, I asked him how I could change in his cabin if he was there and he gave me another long kiss on my lips with one of his hands giving my mummay a hard massage. Then after the kiss he said how that would matter and if the situation was ripe then he would love to dress me up himself. I blushed at his comment and told him to stop being naughty.

Then he picked up two glasses of champagne from the table next to the sofa and gave one to me. I told him that I was not into drinking and he insisted that I should try it since hence forth I will be doing a lot of drinking and partying with him. Then we clanked our glasses saying cheers to my new beginning my new life.

Though this was my first time I did like the taste of the drink and asked him to pour me one more. Since I was sitting in his lap and my top three buttons were open my entire cleavage was on offer to his eyes and his mouth was a few inches away from it. I saw him looking down hungrily and then I asked him if he liked what he saw, his answer was yes the best he had seen so far.

I asked him if he wanted to see more and he said that the memory from the trial room was still fresh in his mind and he was dying to. I just raised my chest and brought it closer to his mouth and he dived right into my cleavage and went mad kissing and licking my mummay. He then immediately unbuttoned my top completely and spread it apart and started inserting his tongue as deep as possible into my cleavage.