I Fucked Her In A Risky Manner

Recently one of my friends told me about this site. After visiting this I wish to share the readers a real incident took place in my life. I am Anil, 23 years of age and working as manager in a private financial institution at Thiruvananthapuram. Our head office is at Chennai. There were 5 staffs including me there. This story shares our sexy choot chudai story and chudai katha of how I got lucky with a desi pussy when i needed it most!

Two months back one peon retired. On compassionate ground the authorities decided to post his daughter Ritu at my office, since he was a loyal worker and his financial condition was very poor. She was a well qualified girl. Other staff includes two more than middle aged gents and an old lady. Ritu was a very beautiful girl of 21 years. She looked equally beautiful in sari and churidar.

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But she looked sexy in nice silk sari. Often I wondered that the Miss world or Miss Universe will not be any match for her. Her body structure and contours were like an excellent work of an expert sculptor. She was so perfect in all sense. Her voice was so sweet and smile was a real beauty. Her body language was also very attractive. She was very calm and quiet. From the very first day she joined the office I had an eye on her. But I don’t know how to proceed as I was totally in experienced in this subject. I used to secretly admire her body whenever she comes near me.

It was one month over after her joining and at the end of the month I was preparing for an inspection from head office. Suddenly to my great shock I noticed a serious error which can cause a huge loss of lacks of rupee. It was an error by Ritu. I could not control myself and called her to my room. I lashed out at her. She got terrified when I told her that she has to compensate the loss or face trial at the court. She started weeping like a little girl. She pleaded me to save her. I said I could find no idea to correct that. Tears were running from her eyes and literally she fell on my feet pleading to rescue her. As she did not get up from my feet I lifted her up by her shoulder.

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Even though it was a spontaneous action, it triggered my nerves. Still she was pleading with folded hands. I thought that it was a chance and decided in mind to solve the problem at any cost. I told her I will do my best to save her, but she also should cooperate. I asked her go home and assured her that I will call her after finding out some way. As other staff left office a little earlier nobody else was aware of this.

I remained at the office and started exploring ways to find some solution. At last, with the help of some good friends at the head office I could correct the error. It thrilled me. And evil spirit started working on me. I decided to capitalize this event. It was about 10 PM, I called her and asked her to come to my house next day and help me to sort out this. She immediately agreed.

Next day was Sunday. I was a bachelor and was living alone in the house. I decided every thing in mind and waited for her. Exactly at 9’O clock she arrived. I just pretended to be busy with my laptop. I greeted her with a smile. This I think relieved her tension a little. She was in a blue sari which always I loved to see her in. I asked to sit her and asked what she likes to drink. But she asked me whether I got any solution. I gave her a glass of juice and asked to drink it first. She drank it in one stretch which showed her tension.

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She said sir…. .I said, “there is a way out and it will be under my risk but I wish you will be thankful for it. She replied “sir I promise”. I asked her to come near me to explain in laptop how the project can be worked out. She came near. While working on the laptop I purposely touched her hands. I think she took it as accidental. After explaining I slowly took her arm in my hands. She was a little shocked. I continued ‘you know, I rescued you from a severe problem, otherwise you could have even jailed, is it?”. She said ‘yes sir I am thankful to you’. I said ‘then show me your thankfulness Ritu’. She did not reply.

I think she had understood my intention. But she was helpless and no other way than to obey me. I slowly touched her shoulders. She did not protest. This increased my confidence and I pulled her close to me and embraced. I took her hand and led to my bed room. I started kissing her cheeks, forehead, neck and hands. This made her a little hot. Slowly I pulled down the sari from shoulder. She tried to set it right. But I whispered in her ear that I am going to undress her. She sank her face down due to shyness. Now I was eager to see her nudity. I pulled off her sari. She was wearing a blue blouse with low cut in front so that a part of her bosom was visible.

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More over due to sweating the blouse was drenched and the bra was clearly visible. My hands moved to the buttons and unhooked them. Now her upper part was covered only with the white bra. Her boobs were big and it was not fully fitting inside it. Then the skirt was untied to leave her in bra and panties. It was a marvelous site. The panties were almost like a thong and it barely covered her fleshy butts. She stood with her head down as I watched her standing backward. Now once again I hugged her and now she also started responding slightly. Our lips came close and I took her upper lips between my lips and sucked.