I Fucked Her In A Risky Manner

This sent triggers in her nerves as she held me tight. I continued exploring her mouth. She cooperated well. I asked her to undress me. Even though she was reluctant initially, she had done the job well by pulling out my lungi and T-shirt. I was in a blue jetty. Inside that my member was rock hard and was ready to penetrate any thing. I controlled myself and started exploring every point of her body with my tongue and lips. She started moaning slightly. I reached her thighs and put my face over her asset. I know she was enjoying it. My hands cupped her boobs and caressed it over the bra.

My eagerness to see her nude reached the limits. I asked her to close her eyes for a minute. This time was enough for me to leave her in the birthday suit. I watched and enjoyed that marvelously carved body. Her boobs were in perfect shape, big sized and touched each other at the middle. Nipples were small but well protruded. Belly was almost flat with a circular naval at the lower end. The thighs were white and fleshy. Turning to the back, she possessed good shaped butts. Her pussy was clean shaved. It was triangular in shape and bulged very much above the thighs and belly. There were no aberrations in that part.

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On my request, though hesitatingly she took off my jetty. Due to shyness she turned her head away to avoid the sight of my dick. I took her right boob in my hands and began chewing the left nipple. She moaned aa..ahha ngha like. Slowly my other hand reached her butts. Fingers explored the gap of the folds and ran over the anal area. This caused her to jerk. She held me tighter and her leg came round my legs and pressed hard. I took her in my arms like a baby and kissed her pussy and slightly bit it. This sent shock-waves in her and she shrugged. Then I laid her on the bed with her face down. I came over her and started kissing from shoulder to heels.

I bit the butts and made the mark of teeth on it. She kicked her legs and turned over. Again within no time I was over her. I held down her both hands and kissed her lips. Though at first she tried to turn way, but finally she took her part well by exploring my mouth. Now I was sure that she had become hot. My tongue explored her all the way from lips to toe. As we kiss passionately my hands reached her “samosa”. It ran over there smoothly and ultimately parting the lips, the index finger went slight into her hole. At this moment she bit my lips harder indicating that she enjoyed it. I could not control myself more and parted her legs wide and positioned in between them. My dick was grown to 9 inches and throbbing. Slowly I pushed the rod in.

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It was tight and I forced a little making her scream and it went in simultaneously. At the beginning I inserted the dick only halfway and pumped slowly. She started responding by holding me harder and pinching my butts. Gradually the pumping frequency increased and inserted deep. She was uttering something and making noises. After about five minutes pumping I took the erected dick out and lied down on my back. Surprisingly within no time she came upon me and tried to take me in. But due to her inexperience it was not easy. I lifted her butts and put my ‘man’ in. She sat on my dick facing me and started moving herself up and down.

I cupped her big indian boobs and handled it a little harsh. But she enjoyed it. Her speed went up high making me afraid, that my rod will be pulled away. She tightened around the base of the rod with her strong pussy mussels and squeezed it while moving up. This sent electric current in my whole body. She was exerting all her force on me. Often I feared that I may come. This went on for minutes until she collapsed and fell over me with my rod in her. We were idle for a few minutes. Then I slowly pushed her on the bed with her back up. Climbing on her I parted her legs and pulled her up to her knees. She was still in half sense.

But her hands started working on my dick and it regained its brutal strength again. After putting on a KS the rod started exploring her anal area. She seemed a little protesting. But I didn’t care and pushed the rod in. Though initially a little hard, I pushed with more vigor and it went fully in making her scream once again.

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Without minding her I continued my job. Again turned her on her back and started pumping her pussy hole. She pleaded for making softer, but I became faster and faster. She was uttering something and moaning loud. I reached the final moment and with all my force I pushed my rod deep in. All over and we both sank to a deep sleep. When I got up it was 1 O’clock. She was asleep with her legs stretched wide. I kissed the pussy wet with perspiration.

Within sometime she got up, we had meals at a hotel and dropped her home.