Lady in the Mall

Hi every one I am karan from chennai I have been at chennai for more than 5 years its been a nice city filled with full of romantic & sexy ladies. Hi to every sexy lady who are reading this sex story. Be ready to insert your middle finger into vagina as the sex story will make you hot.

Let me start with the story I stay near to one of the well known shopping (phoenix market city ) mall at chennai, I stay at velachery its a gated community apartments my age is 30, I was cleaning my car at my parking lot. There came a lady with skin tight tops and pant hopefully I was able to see her pussy lips as the skin tight pant was reveling the lining of her pussy she saw me staring at her pussy she too came to clean her car.

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As usual I completed my car wash and went to my flat refreshed my self and went to phoenix mall since it was after noon time I was starving hence went to nando’s to have my lunch. Inside restaurant some bunch of people where siting and having there food a lady was sitting alone and was having her food, she was between 35 to 40 but very hot and sexy , I sat opposite to her was having my food in between I was staring at her she was wearing a low neck tops I was able to see her cleavage she saw me staring at her I with courage waved my hand she starting laughing with a seductive way, after my food I paid my bill and came out she was standing outside waiting for me I went near her introduced myself she asked why you waved your hand to me I said every one will wave hand by seeing you she started laughing and asked me what I do and what is my age.

Then she told that she is ramya from Mumbai she came for official meet and since its Sunday and she is alone she is not able to kill time I asked her shall we go for movie she readily accepted my request she told she cannot come with saree so she wants to change her dress she told me to accompany with her to her hotel room she guided me to the hotel where she is staying oh my gosh it was leela palace at mrc nagar, we both went to her room she asked to sit at couch and she orders 4 large vodkas she went into the main room to change her dress she left the door open but I can able to see her through the mirror.

She first removed her saree the blouse then petticoat she was with her red velvet panty and bra she saw me watching her mirror but without any reaction she removed her bra and panty , her pussy was clean shaved and her boobs was pinkish in color.

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Then she took jeans and a winter t shirt, and wear with out wearing bra and panty she asked me to have vodka we both had two two large vodkas and she asked me to take her for a ecr ride I suggested her for ags navalur she agreed we went through ecr and came to ags navalur I already booked online for one holy wood movie, we both got the top most row last corner seat movie started it was just 20 days before so the climate in chennai was cool. And the ac was making her shivering she was leaning in my shoulder to get some heat I took her hands and hold with my hands one kiss scene came I saw her she was smiling.

I took it as green signal and start touching her side boobs she started holding my hands tight I took my hand inside her t shirt and touched the nipples it was erect I moved her t shirt above boobs and started to lick the nipples she was biting her lips and she took my other hand inside her jeans she was already wet so I inserted my middle finger inside her vagina it was very slippery due to lot of precum I finger fucked her she told me to take her to the room. We left the theater went to her hotel immediately we went inside the bedroom immediately we had a long passionate mouth kiss our tongues were mating with each other inside the mouth.

Slowly I removed her t shirt she removed my shirt we both hugged each other her boobs were pressing on my chest she told me that she is 35 and her husband is at abroad and as I resembles her husband she wanted have sex with me. Then we both became naked and I made her lie in bed and we both were 69 I was licking her pussy she took my penis she was sucking my penis like a lollipop we both cummed inside each others mouth her cum was little bit salty but tasty. I again started licking her pussy meanwhile I was pressing her boobs she was dancing like a snake she cummed second time at my face she begged me to insert inside her I inserted it was little bit tight as not used frequently she started moaning I fucked her for 20 mins then I and she cummed at the same time.

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I asked her for ass fucking she accepted I applied some gel while inserting she screamed after sometimes she was relax and started enjoying.That night I stayed there after our dinner we had three more session and as next day was Monday I left early morning while leaving she asked for my number and told that when ever she come to chennai she will call me.

After that incident she introduced me to her friends retha and mahek, even I had sex with both ramya & rekha at same time at chennai in same leela palace on her second trip day before yesterday.