Lockdown and Group sex

Watching your homely sexy wife fuck a total stranger can be an instant turn on and push you in cuckold sex fantasy. I had a similar dirtytamil sex experience of my slut indian wife, Muskaan, who happened to get fucked hard by a garage mechanic during this pathetic lock down. I won’t take more of your time. Let’s get on with the sex story.

Hello, I am Manoj, from a small village where I lived most of my life with my parents. I got married to a buxom lady, named Muskaan in 2018. She’s hot and our sexual life is what one would expect from a total hottie of a wife!

I work in a reputed MNC and we get along well.

Muskaan is 22 years old, i am 30! She has this awesome sexy figure of 34-28-36, has long hair too! She works as an accountant at a local medical shop.  As I said, things change your life. Our’s changed too. My homely indian wife became a slut and fucked in first time sex with a stranger, after one such incident. Let me narrate it for you.

Now as you know, we are in lock down due to this COVID – 19 virus. All offices, buses, trains etc., are shut down. So moving from one place to another is somewhat hard these days.

But since Muskaan works at a Medical Store, she had to be present and work full-time. Normally a car would come for pickup and drop, arranged by her store manager.. But that day the drop didn’t happen!

Muskaan called me. Since my office wasn’t open, I was laying idle at home.

“Manoj”, She said,” The car won’t come for drop today. It’s broken down and you need to pick me up from work today”.

I wondered how we will manage to do that.

“It’s raining heavily my dear”, I said, “Plus we’ll need Police permission to ride it, since they don’t allow private vehicles on roads at this time”.

She said that she had managed to get permission, as Medical Store Manager had requested Police to allow her to commute by her own vehicle that day. I said Ok and managed to get to her store on time to pick her up.

Rain stopped a little as we rode on the scooter almost half way down back home.

Suddenly there was a huge downpour! We had to stop and take shelter near the highway, under a big tree!

There was no one to be seen on the roads. Just us. I had hoped to see the roads empty due to the lock down restrictions.

Muskaan wore saree that day. Due to rain, her wet saree got stuck to her body and one can clearly see her voluptuous figure and nicely shaped big boobs now.

After an hour, the rain stopped.

But then another problem came up.. My bike won’t start!!

I tried calling a mechanic I knew, but my mobile had no signal. Muskaan’s mobile had no signal as well!

This was bad. With puzzled looks we decided to work and search for a mechanic near the highway.

We walked for about half an hour. My slut indian wife, Muskaan’s ass was swaying in front of me, If she stayed back home, I would have definitely fucked her big ass today.. but she had to go to store..

“My legs hurt Manoj, I am tired of walking..”, She whimpered..

“Well, either we walk more or we can rest at a dhaba or something for now..”, I said.

It was decided. We’ll rest for a while.