Lockdown and Group sex

We managed to get to a small dhaba near the highway. It was closed. Since it was almost night, around 7pm, the street lights were up. The dhaba had just one light in front of it. More than half of dhaba’s area was dark and not one thing was visible.

I parked my bike under the shelter.

Suddenly owner of dhaba, Saddam (who looked like a gorilla) came out and asked us what we wanted…

We told him about our problem and asked for help..

“Tension mat lo Sahen, Aap andar baitho, main apne dost ko jo mechanic hai, bulaata hu, wo aake thik kar dega aapki bike”, He said smiling at us.

We went in. The dhaba was small. It had one small kitchen and some cots at one corner,

We took one cot and sat down.

Suddenly there was thunder and lighting!

“Manoj!!”, Muskaan shrieked as she held me tightly!

I laughed and consoled her. After a while she told me that she had to pee. I asked Saddam where one can go and relieve themselves..

He pointed to a place next to the dhaba.

Muskaan couldn’t control and ran outside to pee. Even though the place Saddam had pointed to, was on the dark side of Dhaba, one can clearly seen Muskaan’s milky white huge ass as she pushed her panty down to pee…

After few minutes she came back and sat next to me, relieved and smiling…

Saddam looked at me and smiled too… He had seen my slut Indian wife’s huge ass! He walked out of the dhaba for some work…

After few minutes, I heard some peculiar sound coming from that dark area… Both of us got up to see what was making that sound!

What we saw was shocking!!

Saddam was masturbating with his huge 9-10 inches long and almost 3 inches thick penis!

With awe, we went back in the Dhaba and sat down… We didn’t speak…

After 5 minutes, Saddam came.

Rain had stopped and his friend Shakib, the mechanic had come to fix my bike.

“Isko yaha thik karna mushkil hai Sahab”, Shakib said”, Aap bolo to garage le jaata hu. Ek ghante me thik karke wapas laa dunga”…

I agreed, since we had to get to repaired to get home.

We sat silent inside the dhaba as Saddam worked in the kitchen.

Suddenly Saddam came toward us.

“Madam, agar aapko washroom jaana hai to aap bahar chale jaayiye..” He said..

This was kinda abrupt and unwelcome..

“Kyu? Aapko firse haath maarna hai?”, My wife said..

Saddam and I, both looked shockingly at Muskaan!

Saddam replied in somewhat startled tone,’ Arre Madam, dekh liya aapne…”

“Dekha maine, itna lumba mota nanga lund toh sirf kisi porn movie me hi dikhta hai..”, Muskaan replied sheepishly..

Saddam had now got encouragement from my wife..

“Aapko aaya pasand? Dekhna hai phir se?”, He asked moving towards her..

“Nahi”, Muskaan said. I was kinda happy she rejected his advancements.

Saddam wasn’t going to let go of my slut wife. He somewhat knew she was a slut and wanted his monster muslim cock in her pussy!

“Agar aapke husband ko aitraaz na ho to apne lund se aapko khelne de sakta hu”, He said with a naughty smile..

I don’t know why Muskaan didn’t object and stood next to Saddam in an instant.