Lockdown and Group sex

Within seconds, Saddam was pressing her big boobs..

“Kya sir, aapki biwi aaj meri ho gayi”, Saddam said in a wicked tone as both laughed and looked down on me.

I was very disappointed and thought if she wanted her pussy to be ravaged by his gorilla and his monster cock, who am I to object?

Saddam picked my wife with his arms and put her down in one of the cots near the kitchen. It was slightly covered so one would have to move near to the area to see what was happening inside.

I can hear them kissing, teasing and laughing as I sat on the cot. I saw Saddam untie my homely wife’s saree, petticoat and remove her blouse, bra and panty too..

My wife on the other hand, removed Saddam’s shirt and Lungi. He wasn’t wearing any undergarments to his monster cock was visible in an instant.

The whole plot seemed like a nightmare to me. My homely indian wife getting fucked by a monster cock of a stranger who happened to bump into us at a secluded dhaba! I looked at them with dejected eyes..

Muskaan was in the mood. She was caressing his cock as he chewed her nipples and fingered her hairy and wet pussy!

“Saheb, aapki biwi hai, permission do, mujhe iski chut aaj chodni hai..”, Saddam asked for my permission to fuck Muskaan!!

I didn’t say a word..

He got angry and said he will fuck her and break my integrity with force, but I didn’t say a word..

Muskaan, who wanted his cock badly, got furious..

“Madarchod saale”, She waved at me,” Bhosdike..  dekh kaise main tere permission bagair is muslim lund se chudwati hu”..

Saying this, she pushed Saddam on the cot. Now Saddam was lying on his back, his monster cock pointing towards the roof.

Muskaan got up and sat on his cock. Although her pussy was wet, it didn’t go in…

Saddam held her waist and pushed his cock. She shrieked! It was too much for her. His cock was too big for her small wet pussy! Saddam didn’t budge or go easy on her and after 2-3 big push, his muslim lund was inside her pussy..

I can hear her crying and moaning simultaneously.. She felt the pain but was enjoying every part of it.

Saddam fucked her for about 15 minutes. He fucked her in various positions and rammed her pussy in doggy style too. Something that she never did with me..

After few minutes he climaxed and cummed in Muskaan’s torn pussy. I can see thick white cum and blood coming out of her pussy as Saddam got up and sat next to her.

They behaved as if I wasn’t there, looking at them. To them, I didn’t exist.

They hugged each other for 5 minutes.

“Kya tum mujhse shaadi karoge, Saddam?”, Muskaan asked feebly.

I was shocked and amazed to hear her say that…

“Nahi meri randi, par jab tujhe mere lund ko bhook lage, aa jaana mere paas..”, Saddam said caressing his semi erect cock which was 6 inches long, longer than my fully erect cock!

“Magar ek shart hai”, He said looked at me, while he pressed Muskaan’s big boobs..,”Tum apne pati se nahi chuwaogi.. Sirf mera hi lund logi apni choot me”,

“Thik hai”, Muskan replied. She didn’t even look at me…

After 30 minutes of more caressing, hugging and savage fucking, both of them got dressed.

Muskaan had never been fucked like this. Although she had become Saddam’s whore, she was still my legal wife.

She couldn’t walk so I had to lend my hand to support her from falling.

“Sahi se pakad Madarchod”, Saddam shouted,”Agar meri jaan giri ya kuch hua usko to main teri gaand mar dunga”..

Muskaan chuckled and winked at me as I held her…

Shakib brought the bike and we went home.

From that day onward, Muskaan never let me fuck her..

My slut Indian wife fucked Saddam and his friends at our house and fucked numerous other men in our locality, but that is something to be told in the next story…

Till then, keep masturbating!