Getting personal with Shop keeper girl

Hi readers, this is my sex story of how I made love to my crush recently. Coming to the story, her name is “Akanksha”. She is 34 and her stats are 34-30-36. She is a kind of lady any man would dream of.

Coming to the story (Xart Porn), she is a shopkeeper of a ladies emporium. I come back daily from my office by 9:30 pm. I pass by her shop and see her between 8 to 8:30 pm on my way home. She also use to look at me daily and we just share a smile. As she lives in our neighborhood, we also use to meet sometimes in curry points and while shopping.

One day I went to the ATM next to her shop to withdraw some money. After withdrawing, I noticed her sitting alone and watching her mobile. I greeted her and asked if she was alone. Usually, she would be having her other helpers around.

She smiled and replied: “Hi, I am alone as the helpers have already gone home.”

I said, “I actually want to buy some ladies things. So if you are not about to close the shop, can I come inside?”

She said, “Of course, there is time. Please come in.”

She asked what I would like to buy. I just showed her some pics in mobile and asked if I could get them there.

She said, “sure, what size and which type?”

I didn’t have any idea and kept quiet. She asked me if I mind telling her to whom they were for. I just opened my gallery and showed her a picture. She asked me if that was my wife.

I said, “I am not married. She is my colleague.”

“Oh, so girlfriend”. (and she laughed out loud).

She asked me why I didn’t bring her and we could have exactly what we wanted if I did so.

I said, “She is leaving tomorrow to her hometown. She said she would stay back leaving her parents if I bought them for her.”

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She laughed again and said, “What an exotic offer. So what shall we do then?”.

I was about to leave and then she stopped me. I was surprised. Then she went ahead and closed the door and went to her PC and did something and came back.

I asked what that was. She said that she cannot keep the shop opened after 10 pm and asked me to follow her so that she can show me some matching fabrics. Then she turned off the front lights leaving only the trial room lights on.

She got up, picked some lingerie and bra items and showed me. I was confused and she asked why. I told her I don’t know how they would look on her and asked her if I could return them if they didn’t match my girlfriend. She said, “Sir, these are inners and can’t be returned.”

Then I asked, “What if they don’t look good on her and they are costly?”

She then went inside and came wearing just one of those bras and stood before me.

I was just shocked and said, “I am sorry, you didn’t have to do this. I can come some other time”. She then said that they were not having many customers those days and they had to move the shop to some other location if they didn’t make any profits. But the area suggested by her husband was not at all a good location, so she said she was trying hard to get some profits from the current location.

I asked her but that was too far she had gone. She then opened up and said that he had been seeing me for almost 3 months around and she had a crush on me. She said, “I always wanted to be a model and live the life I want but I was married without her consent”. I didn’t know what to say and she said that we could drop the topic if I didn’t like her.

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I said,”It’s nothing like that but..”

She said, “Let me help you in your girlfriend’s matter and she will be impressed”. I just nodded with my head down. She asked me if I liked the bra. I said, “I would like to choose something else”.

She said, “Whatever I select should be bought because they were inner wears”.

I said “Ok, and picked a transparent bra.”

She said, “you really have a taste” and went inside and tried that on and came back.

Wow!! She was looking gorgeous. I was shocked and was having a hard-on. She noticed that and winked and asked me how the fabric looks?

I said, “I wanna feel the fabric.”

She said, “What’s stopping you then?”. After hearing that, I immediately went and pressed her boobs. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”, she moaned. I didn’t stop there and was smooching her now. She responded well and I was caressing her boobs and we broke up after 5 minutes.

I then picked a transparent panty and gave a signal to her to put them on. She unhooked her petticoats and asked meto do that myself. I stripped her panty and was sucking her pussy like a hungry wolf. She was pressing deep on my tongue and saying my name, “Steve, eat it! It’s been a long time. Take my cunt out, drink them, baby.”

Hearing this, I went mad, stood up, and tore her bra. She unzipped my pants and took off my shirt. We were in 69 for some time and nothing was stopping us. While sucking each other’s private parts, I noticed the CCTV camera and stopped licking her cunt. She stopped too and noticed that I was watching the CCTV. Then she laughed and continued sucking my cock.

I understood that she had turned off the cam while closing the shop. Then this gave me more confidence. I then lifted her legs and was sucking her pussy. It was opening more and more and my tongue was not sufficient. She was rubbing her pussy and ass all over my face. I couldn’t control and got up and asked if she had any condoms.

She said, “I didn’t have sex for a long time as my husband is out on a business trip to Northern states. If you trust me, my pussy is all yours.”

Without completing her sentence, I started entering my dick in her pussy and she said, “Let’s lay down and fuck. We have all the time.”

I didn’t listen to her and made her jump on my waist and started fucking her pussy and eating her boobs. She was moaning,

“Ahhhh, ahhhh, yesss like that… Dhengara dhengu enni days nundi chusthunna, ippatiki dhenguthunnavu. Gattiga dhengu kasitheera dhengu. Na puku needhe, pagalagottu dhanni. Repu ne girl friend tho real match undhi. Natho gatiga practice cheyi. Abba em dhenguthunnavu ra. Ne modda masthu lavu undhi. Inka gattiga ahhhh ahhhhh adhi dhengu dhengu.”

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That was all in Telugu meaning, “Fuck me hard, yes yes. I have been seeing you for so many days and I got you now. Tomorrow you have got a real match, so practice with my pussy first. Ahh ahh tear it down. Your cock is so big, fuck me hard, ahhhh ahhh.. Fuck fuck me like your slut”.

I fucked her to the maximum and then we both came. We lied down on the ground and then she asked if I was really gonna buy all those fabrics selected. I just took out my credit card and gave it to her and said, “you can keep all those bras and panties for yourself.”

Then she asked, “what about your girlfriend?”

I said,”Let her leave” (winked).

She understood and I hugged her naked and gave a big smooch. That night I fucked her two more times in her ass and pussy. We then slept like that in the shop and woke up around 4 am. We cleaned the mess and left from there.