Sleeping Husband

I swallowed one more load at the glory hole, rather quickly. Thankfully most wifelovers and men have quick triggers. Cory and I then headed out of the glory hole and back to the car… my face coated with cum. Not surprisingly, the thought of having cum all over my face only added to the wildness. … Read more

The Shemale Submission

I have lived a dual life for years… the day I released my first erotic story on Literatica – Hot Indian Sex Stories.. Looking back at those two now, I cringe at my writing: my lack of character development, my vague semblance of a plot, and my ‘by the numbers’ sex scenes. The persona people … Read more

मेरे बॉस की बेटी

मैं अपनी मालिक की बिटिया के साथ इंडियन सेक्स की कहानी बड़े ही मनमौजी मन से बताने जा रहा हूँ | दोस्तों वो मेरे साथ बड़ी घुल मिल चुकी थी क्यूंकि मैं अपने मालिक के घर में नौकर का काम कर रहा था करीब ५ साल से | Boss ke beti ki chudai sirf … Read more

Maa bete ka ganda sex

Mera naam Arjit hai pichle kayi time se hot indian sex stories ki site se incest sex stories padhta tha wo bhi maa bete ki chudai wali. Isse mujh mein apni maa ko chodne ki ichha jagne lagi. Meri umar jab mein maa ko choda tab 18 saal ki thi aur ab wo meri maa … Read more