Tailor fucks my Wife – Part 3

Hi, this is Nethra sharing with my own sensual tailor sex story. I hope you read the first part and second Desi Big Boobs Wife fondled by this tailor. Now without any delay, let’s get your lund upright and continue with the story!

The door was open and Mahesh could clearly see from his chair what would happen here.

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I told him with half tone before sitting on the cot “the door…” Ramcharan said…”don’t worry Nethra madam no one will come” and pressed my shoulder to make me lie down.

The table was looking more like examination table to my imagination.

desi big boobs wife fucks tailorWhen I turn my head to my side, I could see Ramcharan’s hard on clear now close to my face. He made me lie down on my back and moved my pallu aside and bared my tummy completely.

He was rubbing his palm in the exposed region below my navel to get the feel of the area.

“okay we shall start Nethra madam. Oh this water is dirty already Mahesh! Bring some water …” with that his one hand rested on my saree frills while the other pressed my tummy with some pressure to create a gap… And whiff…

He pulled my saree frills as a bunch completely off my hip and out of the petticoat. I shrieked aloud with shock and excitement. “what are you doing!!!!!?? Why did you take my saree off me?? Why do you call Mahesh?” in my confused state I didn’t know what to ask for…

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Since too much happened at the same time. The next instance I could see Mahesh with the water jug by my side staring at my shapely boobs by the side of pallu which had considerably moved off its position because of the force with which the saree was pulled off.

“I was eaten alive with shame as 2 strangers were having a feast staring at my naked boobs in such a close proximity and I could do nothing much.

I covered my boobs with the pallu quickly once again, at the same time Ramcharan’s smooth hands glibly untied my petticoat knot. For a fleeting moment I missed it until his other hand that was pressing my navel before…

Stated pushing my petticoat down my hip…

I shut my eyes tight and shouted “stoop please”…

It was too late and Ramcharan had brought it down a bit too far and exposed my private for a brief moment. “sorry Nethra madam I didn’t realize that you were not wearing anything inside” …

And he drew the petticoat just enough to cover the region.

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He started sprinkling water to the region below my navel and it was a bit cold… I shivered a bit and my eyes still shut tight with embarrassment.

I could feel the presence of Mahesh so close to my breasts while Ramcharan was applying the cream now softly over the skin below my navel and the brush was reaching dangerously low close to my pussy.

I was thoroughly shaken by the events so far and almost close to my climax with all that happened so far. My body was writhing with excitement as Ramcharan started to shave that area between my petticoat and navel.

I close my eyes with my hands tightly with shame and excitement. Ramcharan’s hand was resting on my navel for balance while he shaved with the other.

He didn’t miss the opportunity to insert his finger as deep as it could get in my deep navel and gently tickled it by shaking back and forth.

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He was soon finished with his work there and wiped it with a clean cloth and ran his hand along there and murmured” “feels nice” and started drawing a line from my belly downwards till he reached my petticoat. “Nethra madam from your belly till here bush (he poked to make an emphasis and made me jerk) it is very clean…

But I just noticed that you are sporting a bush below this point…”” we shall launch our lawn mover operation “…

With that he gripped the loose petticoat around my waist and began pulling it down, together with my saree… “I had mustered all the resistance I had and said a meek …”no pls” (which even I didn’t hear properly) and heeding to his sudden force lifted my hip slightly to bid my petticoat farewell.

He managed to pull my saree and petticoat completely off me in a matter of seconds. I felt my last stitch of clothing travel past my thigh reach the knees and off me.

“Mahesh … Put Nethra madam’s saree and petticoat together with the rest of her dresses”, I slightly opened my eyes to see Mahesh grinning and taking my clothes away from the room and vanishing and Ramcharan intently studying my pubic area.

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