Tailor fucks my Wife – Part 3

“Nethra madam you have a very nice structure”. I had kept my thigh as close and as tight as possible and lying there very conscious that I am totally nude in a broad day light in front 2 strangers.

My desi pussy was so dripping wet, I was ashamed to even think what would happen if it is touched now…

Ramcharan gently but with some force started spreading my thigh apart and made a “cluck” sound after looking my vagina.

“Nethra madam we are going to make it 10 times nicer… relax”.

With that he was in business and I lied with my hands covering my already tightly closed eyes.

“suddenly I heard another pair of footsteps…

Coming close to my face (must be Mahesh), Ramcharan sprinkled the water and started lathering the hair in that area extra lavishly taking time… I was thoroughly excited and was getting turned on more by the minute.

He started shaving off the hair above and the sides of the lip region and was carefully shaving the region below. Half way through he spread the lips wider with his fingers.

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“hmm nice pink flesh Nethra madam”. With that he started stroking my clit just above the lips… First gently and then with force. He kneaded it with his fingers and pinched the clit. It was too much for me and I arched my hip on air and moaned aloud.

I was at the verge of coming but felt that a pair of hands over my head reaching over me and grabbing my bare boobs. I gasped to find that the pair of small hands pinched my nipples.

My nipples were pinched in tandem with the kneading of my clit by Ramcharan and let myself out with a loud cry.

With my hip held high up and my nipples and clit being treated good Ramcharan’s other had using the opportunity to trace a line along my butt crevice while I was cumming.

This made me go crazy and what seemed to be an eternity I continued cumming for about a full minute and half or two I suppose. Ramcharan’s hand was very vet with my juices flowing across and he came by my side and took my hands off my eyes.

I was lying still collapsed. Please turn around Nethra madam. I nodded and turned. Mahesh was grinning wide and standing by my side. He was sporting a hard on as well which was now casually brushing my cheeks over his half trousers.

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Ramcharan resumed his position and spread my thighs wide again and continued to later my butt hole. “I am going to clean this region also Nethra madam and make it hair-less” and he started applying his razor with great care to take the hair off the region and at one point he called Mahesh for help.

I was wondering what would be that… And I soon found out. Mahesh was opening my butt cheeks and spreading it wide while Ramcharan applied the lotion there in the hole.

It was so humiliating, yet exciting. I felt my body responding for another session. Ramcharan was slowly inserting his already wet finger now in to my butt cheeks while I jerked and shrieked an “loops”.

His finger found the spot and was slowly moving in and Mahesh released my butt cheeks and came in front.

He tried to insert his hands to reach for my boobs, but found it a bit difficult as I decided to throw a little challenge. He seemed to think a few seconds and dug his 10 fingers simultaneously on either side of my hip and started tickling me.

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At the same time Ramcharan inserted his other hand into my lips deep and started moving his fingers from both hands in and out of my butt and pussy.

The tickling and fingering at the same time was too much and I yielded to Mahesh, he reached for my boobs and cupped them. He caressed the left one while pinching the right nipple gently, the whole set up was too much and Ramcharan pulled me up so I rested on my knees and my butt was in the air.

After a few minutes of persistent fingering of my butt and pussy and fondling of my big melons I was building to another orgasm and was reaching pretty close to it.

A few moments before the height if it Ramcharan abruptly removed his hands and taking the cue, So did Mahesh.

I was confused and breathless. Ramcharan smiled at me sitting on the table confused. He slowly started undressing. He nodded at Mahesh and he left the room locking the door. I was in such a state at that point; I could do anything to end that mounting climax.

It was too depressing. When Ramcharan took off his trouser I could see a nice thick one behind his boxers.

He pushed his boxer slowly off his hip and his stiff cock sprang out… I was mesmerized and was staring at it. He came closer to me and took my hand and let me hold it.

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