Zaynab – the whoreful maiden

This story is brought to you by neither Zaynab nor anyone related to her, but a 3rd party. Hindi Sex Stories

Zaynab was a Sri Lankan girl born to a conservative family of her religion. Since she is front Sri Lanka and her name is an Arabic one, you know what her religion is.

She did her advanced level exam in biological sciences and was selected to study at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She studied chemistry there and later became a demonstrator.

By then she was a beautiful girl, with very whitish skin like many moor girls of this country, and well shaped and grown body features. She dressed in a sari which covered her back, up to hands, her belly and her lower back as well.

There was this Buddhist boy she knew since the freshman year, named Dhammika. By the time all this happened in and around the life of Zainab, Dhammika was working at the mathematics department as a demonstrator.

Dhammika was not the 1st Buddhist boy she knew and she had no special feelings for him, even though with his fairer skin and well taller than 6 ft structure with his well-built muscles, was looking exceptional among any crowd. She knew that Dhammika had something in mind for her more than what she could ever offer him so she tried to avoid his eyes whenever he talked to her and she lessened talking with him too, for that reason.

“Hi Zaynab,”

“Hi Dhammika,”

“So, did you do…”

That was how he usually started his conversation with her. They were teaching completely different subjects so they hardly had anything to discuss with each other.

But Dhammika was clever. He always came up with something to discuss.

But one day, Zainab decided to let him know straight away that there was no way she can be with him as more than a colleague and a friend.

So the next time he started his conversation, she said,

“Dhammika, I wanna meet you privately somewhere. There is an important matter I should discuss with you.”

“…Okay, but I wonder what this is.” Dhammika said in a puzzled tone.

“Meet me at 12 noon in the milk bar.” she said as she rushed away.

Dhammika thought for a while. Could this be something about his ideas for her?

Anyway, at 12 noon, he was there to meet her. She was not there but a guy seemingly of her religion, came to him and talked.

“Are you Dhammika?”

“Yes,” Dhammika said like he did not care. He despised the men of this religion. The man said,

“I have a message for you from Zaynab.”

“What is that?” Dhammika still did not care. The man said,

“She knows what plan you have in your mind for her. That is not gonna work. She is supposed to be with only a man of her religion and I do not think you will change your religion for a woman.”

Dhammika was disappointed within. But he did not show it. He was looking at him in his usual dull form.

“What if I can change her mind?”

“You both are gonna go through some very bad consequences, bro. I am sure you will not yourself regret trying to double cross anyone,” he said as he patted Dhammika on his shoulder.

Dhammika did not like to be touched by this man so he said,

“You do not wanna regret trying to touch me.”

“Really?” The man said, placing his palm firms on Dhammika on his shoulder and squeezing it a little.

“What is…” that was all he could say. Dhammika locked his arm with both his hands and threw him off on to a far away table, breaking it.

He soon stood up and left. The guy said,

“You are gonna regret this!”

Dhammika walked away with a derogatory smile in his face. There was nothing around there to scare him.

The man went back to Zainab and said,

“Well, he almost beat me. But if your boyfriend comes around again, we will make sure he regrets that, and if you trespass, you will be next.”

Zainab had no choice but to remain quiet. She didn’t like being threatened by this man who was less educated than her but she had no choice at the moment.

Dhammika stopped talking to her after that. He did not seem upset about anything but deep down, he was broken and he wanted to make sure her safety from these men.

Later he saw her talking with an ugly looking man of her religion, at the canteen but he did not bother. He let her think that he had stopped longing for her.

Zaynab was feeling bad too. She didn’t think Dhammika will completely stop with her like this.

The man she was talking to was the one wanting to marry her. She despises even his looks but she had no choice then.

She made him mad by not talking much to him.



“Why are you being so disrespectful to me?”

“Because I think that you’re not worth it.”

She once said to him as she stood and walked away. He said,

“You are gonna regret this!”

Zainab knew how dangerous her “Brothers” are. But there was nobody who could help her with it. She was now scared to her stomach.

One day, when she was leaving the University to go home, he was confronted by the man who wanted to marry her (let’s call him Muhammad). It was a lonely, forested area in the garden university. He said,

“Going somewhere, Zaynab?”

Zaynab didn’t respond and tried to walk away. He held her hand tight.

“Answer the question!”

“Just lemme go!” She said as she was struggling to break free.

He held both her hands with his left hand and slapped her hard right across her face, with his right hand.

She fell down. That was the 1st time she had ever been hit by a man in her life. She was badly hurt and scared as well. The slap was so hard that her white cheek had turned red and her sight was blurred. She could hardly talk.

“Please…lemme go…home,” she said between her silent crying. He grinned at her perversely and said,

“Tonight, I’ll make you mine!”

He took her right hand and pulled her where he was going. She was begging him, pulling herself back.

“Please…don’t exploit me!”

“Shut up!” And a back slap right across her other cheek. She was now silent, and scared nonetheless.

As he was pulling her away, a van came and stopped by. Some of her thug “Brothers” were there.

He pushed her in, got in and the van moved on.

The back of the van had no seats. Muhammad held her down and got over her.

“Please…no!” She said as she struggled.

“Keep her in place!” Muhammad shouted as some other thugs held her in place. Muhammad lifted up her sari and lowered himself on her, deflowering her. No foreplay, nothing.

After he moved away, she was lying there like a new born baby, crying as well.

“I’ll come and meet your parents soon enough, be prepared!” Muhammad said.

They later dropped her and she went home. Her petty coat was marked by her cherry blood, spilled against her consent.

At home, she could not concentrate on praying even. Still crying, she went to sleep.

She remembered Dhammika. No, she shouldn’t have treated him like that. She decided to talk to him soon. He was the only man she could trust with an issue like this, she thought.

(To be continued)