My Hot Aunt Shalini

Hello Everybody first of all, I introduce myself that i am 21 years guy in business. I am good looking, a little thin and 5′6 in height. The incident which i am telling u is about my past. In 2009 when i was studying my B.E. degree, I was living with my Uncle and super hot and sex Aunt, Shalini. tamil aunty sex

She is by no means beautiful and is a billion light years away from being a model of any sort, but I am so fucking hot for her. She has got these amazing tits, like fucking huge things that you can get lost in, and this ass, that was like twice as wide as I was, but oh my god, I wanted it so badly. tamil aunty sex

We are just three members at uncle is a also doing a business.daily he comes late at night as usual at that time and aunty used to wait for him to take our dinner.i used to woke up early and after finishing all the chores.i took my breakfast and goes to college.this is my routine. From last 2 years i had been living with them.but i had never seen my aunty with lustful eyes.but on one holiday i was at home

And studying at upstairs.i remember that the time was of morning nine.i came downstairs to take one of my books.there is door where stairs ends.i reached the door and saw my left side the bathroom door was left open and the saree and all inner wears were visible there and the scent of soap was still in the air

At the same time ,i was clicked that aunt had taken a bath and she must wearing clothes.i was standing close to the door and just to confirm whats going inside the door i peeped.and the scene which i saw is astonished my mind till today.i saw aunt was wearing just panties and while standing in front of mirror she kept busy herself to dry her hair.i was able to see her back only.i have seen a wheatish colored back and round shaped Buttocks.

I waited for some time and she turn around to take her bra.and i saw a pair of lovely boobs with pointed somewhat pink tits.i felt hot in my panties..i saw that she wore all her clothes and at the same time i turn around and reached upstairs and made way to the white fevicol boiling inside me..i felt better. tamil aunty sex

From that day my attitude towards looking her was changed suddenly.i was never used to sit near her but by that time onwards i sit with her

And helped in her works.whenever i see her i feel that she was wearing nothing.she is a frank and learned lady.used to talk with me on various subjects.but it might possible that she doesn’t knew whats in my mind.

i used to sleep in hall.and there is a door in between hall and bedroom.when they locked the door and slept.i turned the lights off and after half an hour i heard a whispering sound from bedroom. tamil aunty sex

I went to the bedroom door and tried to find out hole.and i found one hole.i peeped inside and saw that both uncle and aunt wore nothing. mami was siting over him and shaking her west up and down and buzzing in a slow voice..hhhhaaaaaaa…haaaa. they were busy with their moves..but there was a tremendous change in my friend located in between my two legs.i was breathing fast and rubbing my panties

While i was busy with looking inside..he was handling her breasts very smoothly.breasts were tight and well shaped.sorry i was unable to measure size at that time but i think the size was 32.then i came to my bed and was nt able to sleep whole night..everywhere i saw aunt with her beautiful figure and her moves in sex..days had passed and whenever possible i peeped the door at night and seen their activities in bed,

Whenever i found aunt’s inner wears in bathroom i used to take her panty and rubbed my penis in it and masturbated. i was just living in dreams that i somehow i got chance and i was sleeping with lovely aunt.but i was just day dreaming meanwhile i knew that it was not possible to take over her without friendship..then slowly i used to went close to her…we always got time at home because aunt just come to home for lunch in afternoon

And then at late we got plenty of time to talk…but i had never sat with her and talk hours and hours..because before i was busy with my studies but after that incident i forgot everything.i started spending time with aunty while eating ,cooking,and while watching TV.actually she does nt knew that what were my intentions towards her ? but after few days i got a chance to spend at least 6 days separately without Any disturbance of uncle. tamil aunty sex