Himachal Honeymoon

The sun beamed in through the window and shined a bright shaft of light onto me eyes, awakening me from my slumber. Slowly I rolled over to see my lovely wife Rimi lying still in my bed. My eyes blinked as consciousness crept slowly back into my being. I remembered every little detail about the night before. The wine that seemed to never empty. The great folk music of the Himachalis. And of course the dancing, my feet and legs were still sore from the constant motion. This awesome sex story of how I fucked my wife on Honeymoon can be found on Hot Indian sex stories dot com.

I called room service and asked for orange juice. After sometime I slowly walked back to the bedroom with the two glasses of juice. Rimi’s leg hung long out of the covers as she moved gracefully to her side, a part of her fleshy bottom appeared looking smooth and inviting. I could see the rest of her form outlined by the crisp white sheets. This awesome sex story of how I fucked my wife on Honeymoon can be found on Hot Indian sex stories dot com.

As I lovingly looked at her the images of our previous night flooded my mind. We had laughed all the way home and quickly put some music on the tape. Lighting some candles and we had begun a slower more sensual dance in our bedroom. Her long body pressed close to mine. She looked up at me, her mouth slightly open, I could taste her sweet breath. Our eyes met and desire locked into our gaze. Slowly, softly our lips met in a simple kiss. Perfect, sensual, slow our mouths closed together, our air mingled between our lips. With the slightest touch our tongues met in the middle.

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Our bodies still swayed to the rhythms of the music, pressing closer together, holding each other tight. As the passion of our kiss began to build, our grip tightened. My hands moved down her back slowly pulling the zipper of her dress down. Her hands cupped my face and her fingers trailed over my neck beginning to unbutton my shirt. As our tongues began a passionate samba our hands and bodies made short work of our clothes.

This awesome sex story of how I fucked my wife on Honeymoon can be found on Hot Indian sex stories dot com.Pretty soon I could feel her naked body pressing tight against my own. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her aroused sex as she slowly lifted one leg along the outside of my own. My own hardness pressed into Rimi as our kiss intensified.

I broke the kiss and began to nibble my way down her slender neck. She tossed her head back, arching her back pressing her hips forward. Slowly I stepped toward the sofa, as I licked her long neck and kissed her ear. Slowly sinking into the overstuffed couch she moved with me, straddling me. My hands lifted her hips over mine; I could feel the bulging head of my cock poised just below the swollen lips of her now wet pussy. I rubbed my hands up from her hips over her waist and cupped her breasts. Rolling my fingers over her hardening nipples as she rolled her hips forward and back, rubbing the head of my cock just along the inside of her pussy.

As the smooth head of my cock brushed over the hard tip of her clit she let out a sigh, and rolled her hips back to me. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock. The head at first sliding slowly past her lips stretching her slightly. Then down around my shaft until my cock filled her completely. We kissed once more, my cock fully inside her, my hands on her nipples, her tongue in my mouth. Slowly she moved her hips, arching her back, rolling my cock inside her tight pussy. She broke the kiss gasping for air, as I began to buck slightly beneath her. This awesome sex story of how I fucked my wife on Honeymoon can be found on Hot Indian sex stories dot com.

From her moves, I had a fleeting suspicion that my new bride was not a virgin, but at that moment that was a blessing. Moving in harmony my cock slid in and out, up and down, back and forth stimulating her pussy further. As our movements increased with speed, the intensity of our breathing grew. Moans began to escape from Rimi’s lips as my cock worked inside her. She began to ride me harder, the moans becoming screams as her head thrashed back and she pulled harder on my cock. This awesome sex story of how I fucked my wife on Honeymoon can be found on Hot Indian sex stories dot com.

Faster with furious passion our lovemaking grew. She jerked back away from me, and slung herself into my body. I could feel her pussy tighten and warm juices begin to flow down over my balls. With a great scream she jerked with a power of orgasm. Her pussy squeezed my cock and caused it to violently jerk inside her, erupting in an orgasm of my own. Our bodies rocked together and sexual ecstasy engulfed our entire beings. Slowly we came down from the ultimate erotic high.

Rimi sank into my arms, her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel my cock still slightly pulsing inside her dripping pussy. She sighed on my shoulder as all the tension escaped from her body. Slowly I lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her gently on the bed, stretching her out along the clean white sheets. She rolled toward me, her long slender fingers tracing up my broad chest. Her fingertips toyed with my nipples as she seductively licked her lips. She lifted herself onto one arm and kisses the soft spot at the base of my neck, her hands gripping my shoulder and pulling me down to the bed. Slowly sensually she kissed her way to one nipple, biting it causing me to jerk at the pain.