Tinder Masti with a Foreigner

Hi All this is Vijay 25 from Bangalore working in a MNC. I am 5.8 feet tall and muscular. I like to read Indian Sex stories on Desibahu.com. So after reading all Erotic Sexy Stories and Free Sex stories on Desibahu.com. I got confidence to write my own Story with you all hope you all like it.

This Sex story is all about one of my sex encounters with a Tinder friend which happened recently, which made my Dream come true of experiencing a Sex with foreigner.

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Well this just happened two days back.. Here’s the complete story

I was a virgin two days back. I met this Brazilian girl (29 years old) on tinder. She was on a short visit to my country of residence (not India). I asked if I could take her out for dinner and she agreed. I offered to pick her up and drop her from her hotel. The dinner date went well. She liked the food and we were both comfortable with each other. She seemed very sweet. I got a lot of stares from the other dinners in the restaurant – particularly from Indian aunties, majorly because here I was a typical Indian having dinner with a Brazilian girl wearing a backless dress! (Indian aunties are very easy to assume that she might have been a whore or something) Anyways I choose to ignore them and our dinner date went well.

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I dropped her back at her place. And nothing happened that night. She later then texted me asking if she was boring for the date and that she felt guilty for talking too much. I clarified to her that she was really sweet and that it was because I had never really kissed or had a sexual encounter with a girl before, I acted a bit weird and not interested. She replied she found me really cute and would love to kiss me. She asked whether I could come back to her room the next day – and I agreed. So, on the next day – I was really nervous and scared.

I reached her room and she asked me to wait for like 10 minutes because she wanted to freshen up. When she did come back after her short bath, she was wearing a really short skirt and top with not bra underneath. So she came and sat next to me and then she started asking me as to why I never had kissed a girl and that she found me really cute. She seemed to be a really genuine person. Then she asked if I was comfortable with her removing my shirt. Slowly we both were on her bed fully naked. We first kissed each other on the lips which was a really amazing feeling..

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She asked me how I felt and we kissed passionately for the next 10 minutes. She then asked me to lay on my back on her bed and put a condom on my dick. This is when I started feeling uncomfortable – maybe because it was my first time and I was nervous. She stroked my cock with her hand and I told her to go slow as it was a little painful. (please note I am circumcised). She then slid my cock (with the condom) on her pussy and started grinding me. I felt really great for the first two minutes but then it started to pain. I asked her if she would like it if I would lick her pussy.

I thought maybe my penis hurt because she wasn’t that wet and that my dick wasn’t getting enough lubrication. She obliged. This is when things got all the more weird. When I got down on her I did not like the taste of her pussy at all. I slid my finger in her wet pussy to check whether she was wet and she really was wet. After about 5 minutes of licking her pussy (I carried on licking her even though I did not like the taste cause I really wanted to turn her on completely), she asked me to sit on the sofa and then sat on top of me.

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At this point of time I told her my dick was getting hurt again and that’s when she removed the condom and tried again. However after about 15 minutes of really rough sex I told her it was hurting me and I was not feeling comfortable. So we just lay together (I hugging her) for around 5 minutes. And then I told her I was sorry about the whole thing not working out and I really wanted to make her orgasm but I guess I just wasn’t comfortable. She was understanding right throughout and after a bit of conversation and kissing and hugging I left her.

So we ended the sex without her or me reaching to orgasm.but she promised me that soon will again have a great fun with one another.I thanked her for the wonderful session and understanding me.after that session next say she again called me to her room and I went there this time a bit prepared like

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I had a Viagra tablet with me I reached her room in the evening after we had dinner we went to her room she said will watch a movie she started with a romantic Hollywood movie. I ate the Viagra tablet without her knowing and then my dick started to work she noticed that and winked at me I just smiled she came to me and removed my boxers and started licking my dick it was full hard by now.i was feeling like heaven she licked it for around 10 minutes then I made her lie on bed removed her clothes and then directly inserted my dick in her pussy .

My dick directly went half she screamed and said to be slow.. without hearing her I again gave a hard push my full dick went in she screamed aaaaah….aaaah.. omg.. after that I started to do it harder and harder..she was moaning to its fullest.. she was shocked by my sudden action.after fucking for about 20 minutes I ejaculated in her pussy itself. She took it in with all pleasures. she was happy now and hugged me tightly and we slept naked whole night.

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So how was the story ..sorry for the grammatical mistakes ..