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Hi friends this is Meet from Gujarat, Let me describe myself. I’m 5.11″not so handsome but a normal one. Having average body, Single, I am a network engineer.

So, friends today I’m going to tell you real story about on, how I fucked a girl who contacts me reading my story on Indian sex stories 4 u dot com. One day I got a mail from an unknown id, the message was “my wife wants to get fucked from you, are you interested. Firstly I thought someone must be joking so I send the reply ok. After that we chatted and they planned to come to Gujarat for 3 days and we planned to have our meeting.

I also chatted with her wife and also shared our pics but that also face blurred. So I was very eager to see her face. Her name was Simi, she is looking very sexy in the pics which she shared with me. Her figure was 32 28 34. So as we have decided to meet, they came and got into 5-star hotel and then called me. We decided to meet in evening in the coffee bar of hotel. I was very nervous for this session because it was for the first time I was having such experience,

I wore some nice clothes and then reached the destination hotel. Then I parked my car and reached the coffee bar and then called them. A phone rang at the table in the corner. I saw them and went there and met Simi’s husband and then I saw the lady sitting on the table. She was wearing a black sari in which she was looking like full moon in dark night. I got and instant erection in my pants after looking at her.

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We then chatted for some time and then decided to go to room. My nervousness and erection both were increasing after each step towards the room. It was a nice room. Her husband left us into the room and then we both were alone in the big room. We looked at each other then smiled.

Then I moved hold her hand and kissed it, then I took her near bed and made her sit on it and I sat near her.

Then I slowly kissed her on her neck and then under her ears then on her chicks then on her lips then I slowly sucked her lower lips and then she also started responding me and this way we entered in to a deep kiss. My nervousness got down so I moved my hand on her open belly and tickled her belly and then I moved my hand up on her blouse and grab her boob and gave it a gentle press and then I slowly removed her sari from her shoulder and slowly moved down kissing her neck her shoulder her cleavage and then I slowly open her hooks of her blouse and then entered my hand in her blouse and caressed and pressed her boobs then I removed her blouse and bra and saw her nice boobs.

I just can’t control so I put one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it hard and biting on it, she was moaning in pain and pleasure and pressing my head on her boobs then I slowly open the knot of her petticoat and entered my hand in it, while sucking her boobs.

Her panties were wet as is she had peed in her panties I touched her pussy over her panty and she gave a loan moan mmmmmhm”.She was pushing my head down towards her legs which were wide open. Then I made her stand I removed her petticoat and panties, her pussy was clean shaved and was glittering with wetness I just spread her legs and touched her wet pussy and slide my finger in her pussy lips and she just fall on me and started kissing me and biting me and removing my cloths, she just removed my shirt in one flow then she opened button of my pants and then removed it with my underwear.

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I was lying naked on bed and she had my cock in her hand, she said “now say you dog, you like teasing me now I will show you what’s teasing” then she started sucking my cock and whenever I was getting pleasure she stopped. Then I pulled her on me and started sucking her lips then boobs. Then I lay her on bed and spread her legs wide. I open her pussy lips and then blew warm air on her open pussy hole.

That made her shivered with pleasure she grabbed my hair and pushed my head on her pussy. I licked her pussy lips then clit and kissed her hard on her pussy and gave vibration with my lips on her pussy. I was eating her pussy and then for more pleasure I inserted one finger in her pussy and started fucking her while licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell and pressing my head in her pussy. Then she shivered and cum on my face.

She tasted nice. Then she was lying on bed motion less. I also lay beside her and kissed her lips and then started sucking her beautiful tits. She was again ready for another session, her pussy was again leaking so I got between her legs and put my dick on her pussy entrance and then gave it a gentle push. But her pussy was so tight that my dick dint enters it so I put my cock again on her pussy and gave it a hard push and enter her pussy.

She gave a load scream and then I took her lips in my lips and started sucking her and kissing her and then pushed my whole 6” cock in her pussy and then started fucking her hard, she was moaning louder and louder. She was holding me tight and I was fucking her hard. Then I made her stand on her fours and entered her pussy from back in doggy style and grab her boobs and started fucking her from back and was kissing her neck and was pressing her boobs hard.

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She was asking me to fuck harder and harder. Then she told me that she want to ride me so I lay on bed and she sat on my cock and started pumping hard, her boobs were jumping with every movement she made. So I grabbed her boobs and started pressing them while she was riding my cock. She the increased her moans and also her speed of fucking and then with a loud moan she came.

I was also near to cum so I pushed her down on bed and started pumping her hard. Then I also come on her boobs. We both lay on bed and kissed each other. We were full of sweat and cum of each other so we decided to take a bath. She told me to bath together so we both entered the bathroom. It was quite big with a bathtub. So first we decided to bath under shower so we open the shower and stood under it. Our bodies were touching each other and that was making both of us horny again. My cock was erect again and was poking on her ass.