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Hi all, this is Aayaan 27 year’s from Mangalore. The incident I’m narrating now is with the same girl I had written about in my previous thread. During my first narration, she was my GF, but she was no longer my GF as we had parted ways. The best part is she did come back to me for certain things because she found best with me and that is what I’m going to narrate here.

Let’s call her Sheryl (changed). She is 32 26 34 at 5Ft, Tan not fair, right amount of flesh at right places. She fits my taste perfectly. Everybody has their taste. This incident happened in last week of April 2011. We had not kept in touch for 2years and finally I made a move and called wished her on her birthday. She was surprised to hear me and we kept in touch there on. She offered to treat me for her birthday and hence we decided to go out the next weekend.

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I wanted to spend a lot of time with her and hence planned for a night out. Initially she disagreed and finally agreed may be because she knew what she would get from me when we are alone. We decided to go to a resort and spend time there which would incl fun activities, food, time for ourselves, more importantly away from city. We decided the place and were to meet up by 1 pm. I got held up and finally met up at 4:45 pm in Malleshwaram, Mangalore.

We called& informed the resort that we are heading to that place and we will be late due to traffic. We finally reached the place, a resort in south Mangalore. But, we did not get any of the facilities that we expected from the resort. We checked in as couples, engaged to be married soon. We had a couple of drinks in the verandah, with some snacks, there was moon in the sky and cool breeze was blowing.

We liked the place and preferred to sit there for some time. She was now getting cozy with me and sat close to me on the sofa holding my right hand and leaning on my shoulder with her legs up on the sofa. I was surprised as I had not expected that she would make any move so fast. But I soon realized that she was not really happy after the break up. We started talking about the days we spent together & she was listening to me quietly responding with just hmm, smiles, pinching me lightly. She started feeling cold and said she wanted to sit inside. I closed the verandah door and sat on the small sofa that was beside the bed.

She went to the toilet and can back in 3mins. When she came back she had loosened her hair and went to secure the door locks. I thought she was up to something. So I immediately went to the bathroom and took a shower preparing myself for I knew now what might happen between Sheryl n me next. She was wearing a red checked shirt, tucked into her jeans. She was looking like a bomb in that dress. The shirt was little long but fit perfectly on her body revealing her slim body and melons the right way.

We had a drink each and now she was relaxing on my body again holding my right arm. She was now showing her tiredness. I saw her face and first planted a small kiss on her head, she did not say anything. After sometime, I lifted her head and planted a kiss on her forehead and she looked shocked at me. I was confused. I asked her what was wrong in that and told her it was obvious why we were here under one roof having a drink and looking at spending the night together.

She moved away from me and said she was not looking at anything more than spending some good time with me. I said ok. After sometime, I took off my shirt and sat beside her as I was feeling uncomfortable with my shirt on. Earlier, when we were going around, whenever I removed my shirt she would move her hand on my chest and feel me. I remembered this and took her hand and placed it on my chest. She got up to say something I kept my hand on her mouth and said – Let go yourself.

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She looked into my eyes and I planted a small kiss on her small tender lips. Stopped for a few seconds and again locked lips, both started sucking on eachother’s tongue. I started to feel her body over her shirt and jeans. Took her boobs in my hand and was pressing them slowly. She would always jump when I played with her tits. I figured out her tits over her shirt and started moving my finger on her tits which aroused her instantly. She got up and pulled her shirt off

I pulled her close to me and opened the buttons of her jeans. As she removed her shirt I saw that she was wearing my favorite bra and I realized that she too was game for tonight. Before I could digest seeing the 32 tender boobs covered with a purple satin bra, giving her boobs a perfect shape, she dropped herself on the bed facing the ceiling. I got on top of her and started sucking her boobs. I would always suck her boobs till I left red / maroon hickies on her boobs.

Many time she said they remained on her for 6 – 7 days. I would only get excited about it. I again started doing the same and she knew what I was up to. She said don’t leave marks on my boobs, they haunt me for more. I said I’m just a call away. I was moving my lips around her areolas and she started moaning slowly at first. I kissed her again with lips locked and removed her bras hook lying on her putting both my hands in her back.

Once unhooked, I sucked her boobs like there’s no tomorrow. Licked her below her ears and she moaned loudly saying stop it, it tickles me. I licked her on her neck and moved to her navel. She would jump whenever I put my tongue on her naval. I circled my wet tongue on her naval, moving my hands all over her body, slightly feeling her boobs, pinching her tits and she started moaning louder saying undress urself fast.

I wanted her to long for me and so I took more time kissing, licking and feeling her body. She started unbuttoning my pant. I got up and tried pulling her jeans and it was tight. She lifted her hips helping me to pull her jeans. The moment I saw her panty I knew she wanted me to fuck her as the she has worn my favourite matching purple satin panty too. I realized she was horny now as the panty was wet at her pussy lips area. I licked her hips with my wet tongue and this was driving her crazy.

She licked foreplay and I would make her cum 3 – 4 times before fucking her hard. I got up moved to her face and asked her to suck my 7” dick and she loved licking my dick like a lollypop. But she never gave me a blow job till I came and that was one thing she has never succeeded till now, depriving me of that pleasure. I pulled her panty and kept her cum dripped panty just above her pillow. She knew what I was up to and said some things don’t change. I just said I just ensure we get the best all through the performance.

She hugged me tightly when I said that. I bent her legs and spread it to its max without hurting her, fingered her slowly feeling her wetness and wiped her cum using her already wet panty. I put my tongue on her pussy which was relatively dry now and moved my tongue and finger together slowly on her pussy. She was jumping on the bed and tried moving her pussy away from my tongue. I held her hand firm, held her hip, pulled her pussy to my face and started working on her pussy.

She was moaning loudly now, I asked her to call out for her help, she moaned ammaaaaa, I can’t take it anymore, it’s so amazing, your tongue is so magical leave me for a min. you can have me again. I did not to leave her. I moved my tongue on her pussy, igniting the fire in her. I put 2 fingers in her pussy and she screamed loudly asking me to not put 2 fingers simultaneously. I would not listen to her and she knew that well.

After 2 mins of continuously finger fucking her wet pussy, she pulled my head closely to her pussy pressing my head from both her thighs and felt she was going to cum and I did not want to just let her cum drip away, so I went even more deeper licking her pussy and bit her pussy lips slightly to which she almost chocked my and had her first orgasm. Before licking I wanted to see her cum, so I got my face away from her pussy and saw Sheryl’s glittering pussy juice flooding from her pussy.

I got excited and asked to push her juices out and licked her cum. It tasted so nice it was thicker comparatively. Again I put 2 fingers in her already dripping pussy, took the fingers out, saw it was fully covered with Sheryl’s cum. I slowly put my middle finger in to her ass and Sheryl gave a jerk and said no not my ass. I said it my finger and not my dick. My dick was hard now and I told her it’s been close to 2 years that I fucked her pussy and she replied, do it slowly, I have never done it with anyone else other than you.

I believed her, for I know what kind of girl she is. I was removing my jeans and she asked me to wait for she has some surprise for me and took her bag to the toilet. I knew she was taking a shower as I heard the water flow from the shower in the bathroom. I knew why she was taking a shower, because we always took shower before making love to each other. Thinking of this, I masturbated and I came heavily and it was thick. I was shocked to see her back from the bathroom she came in a sexy white bra and matching panty.

My dick which had gone limp after I had masturbated in her absence and now got back to its senses and became rock hard again. She looked at the way my dick gained its hardness and I could sense the fear / excitement in her face. I took her by her hand and made her sit on my lap. We kissed each other and I moved my hand to remove her bra. Sheryl stopped my immediately pulling my hand off her boobs and said you got to remove it (bra and panty) with u teeth. She ensured I struggled doing it.

Finally I got the bra and panty off her body and both were so energized after the shower. She now put her hand to pull my jeans off me and I let her remove only the jeans and I was still in my string undergarment (UG). Sheryl moved her breast and full body over mine as we were standing and tried to pull off my UG with her hands. I stopped her and told her that she too had to take my UG with her teeth only and so I asked her to kneel down took her face near my dick, made her lick my dick over my UG, never let her touch my dick with her hands.

Finally after a small struggle, Sheryl pulled my UG and started licking my dick, stroking slowly initially, increasing the speed gradually. It was amazing feeling to have my dick covered with Sheryl’s tongue n mouth. Pulled her up, kissed her again, laid her on bed and went between her legs giving Sheryl oral again, sucking her pussy deeper and deeper this time. I laid myself beside her, asked Sheryl to sit on my chest, got her pussy above my mouth and again gave her oral.

This time Sheryl was going mad she was not lying on bed, instead she was squatting on my check and she could not take the pleasure she was getting by me licking her pussy in this position. Unable to bear the pleasure she got up from this position and went down licking and sucking my dick, moaning and making sexy sounds trying to arouse me even more. I put Sheryl back on bed and this time she pulled me on top of her and looking straight into my eyes said, get in me fast,

I can’t wait anymore. I kissed her in acceptance and moved between her pussies spreading her legs. Sheryl’s pussy was still wet with her cum juices and I teased her with my dickhead on Sheryl’s pussy, she said get in my soon, I can’t bear it anymore. I want to feel your dick in my pussy; it’s been so long you’ve fucked me. I placed my dick on the entrance of her pussy and laid on her top, kissed her looking into her eyes and moving my dick vertically on her pussy lips.

Sheryl realized what I was up to and just said no, making a pleading face. I kissed her again and immediately rammed my 7” dick in Sheryl’s pussy. Sheryl screamed at once feeling my dick ripping her pussy lips apart and pushing me away and folding her legs covering her pussy from me. I asked her what happened and she had small tears and said it’s been close to 2 years you’ve fucked me so be gentle. I said ok, spread her legs and got my dick on her pussy lips.

I smelt and licked her panty that I had kept on the bed beside her pillow. Sheryl was looking at me and said enter me slowly, it hurts. I moved my dick in her pussy again but this time slowly. Once I was completely in her, I looked at Sheryl’s face and there were tears again in her eyes. I said I was slow and she nodded her head and said its’ been longtime time we u entered me so it’s paining a little. I kissed her again and slowly increased my speed in fucking the pussy that I always fucked.

Sheryl was feeling the pleasure by now and she too was moving her hips trying to match my strokes. It was like back to the days that we used to fuck day in and day out sometimes at her place and sometimes at mine. I increased my speed and Sheryl put her legs on my back and after a few strokes, she pulled me closer, moaning, screaming faster baby, show me you are my man, fuck me like a man, fuck me deeper and harder, pound my pussy, saying so Sheryl had her orgasm, she was flooding

I looked at my dick as I was stroking, there was Sheryl’s white cum wrapped around my dick, making sounds of liquid slapping. I took my dick out went on Sheryl’s face, asked her to lick her cum from my dick. Once she had licked my cum, I took her panty and wiped my dick clean and dry, just to avoid the slippery feeling due to the cum from her pussy, I entered her again, felt my strokes had some good grip in her pussy. Asked Sheryl to lie down sideways on her shoulder and entered her pussy from her back.

Doing so my dick got harder, I got back into missionary position and started stroking faster, ramming deeper and deeper. She was moaning loudly now as she knew she felt she was going to have another orgasm. We looked into each other and both knew what going to happen next, Sheryl shivered her strongly and simultaneously I too came deep in her pussy. Both could feel the warm sperm. I relaxed on her for some time. She was tired and slept off. I too rested for like 20 mins and when I regained my strength, I saw Sheryl and she had woken up partially.

She smiled looking at me. I got on top of her not and kissed her eyes. She was still tired. I got off Sheryl and let her rest for some more time. What I did now was something that I love the most and I recommend you to try it. After Sheryl had slept for 20mins (without me disturbing her) I slowly got on spread her legs, put some saliva on her lips and made it wet on the entrance of her pussy lips, without putting my body weight on her I entered her pussy slowly.

You should try this! Make sure you don’t wake up your partner during this performance. It just feels like you are fucking a virgin pussy all over again. Sheryl woke up and asked me what was happening, I just said nothing and she slept again. When I increased the speed of my strokes Sheryl realized I was doing the same thing what I always did and she let me fuck her this way and this way the pussy feels no different than a virgin pussy.

I fucked her like this for the next 115 mins slowly and she too had another orgasm. Later we stayed in that resort till evening 7 the next day. We fucked each other trying to make up for what we missed in the last 2 years without each other. Last month she moved to another city due to job posting. We keep in touch over phone.