Cable Connection

Hi my name is Janki and I am a 33 year old housewife, love to read sex kahani and staying in the upmarket area of Pune. In our society most families are from the upper strata and most of the women are not working. We have an informal club called “Desperate housewives” named after the comedy serial on CNN. If our husbands find out what kind of fun we have when they are not there they will faint.As far as my body goes I am dark talk and voluptuous with large breasts and a round nice ass.

My husband who likes to have me from behind mostly calls me a gaddi. I knew that he was also screwing his secretary Preeti for last 2 years but I let it go since I too had my share of fun in the day.One afternoon our cable connection had some problem so I called the company and surprisingly they sent a repair guy almost immediately. The moment I saw him my mind started thinking about naughty scenarios.

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He was tall and dark with a muscular body and tight buns. I enjoyed the way his muscles flexed while he was working beneath his tight round necked t shirt and the way his jeans outlines the shape of his thighs. I imagined this brute fuckng me right here and then thought why not? My maid servant was on a leave on that day so I was expecting nobody during the day. I immediately made the plan.

This man was named Raju. I offered him a drink of orange juice after he was done and while serving it let the pallu of my saree fall from my breasts. Raju’s eyes went wide when he saw my huge globe hanging inside and he almost dropped the glass.

I sat next to him and again allowed the pallu to slip.”Kya madam bahot pallu gir raha hain,””Kya karun rahat hi nahi hain tum baitho main change karke aati hoon,”Saying so I walked casually inside my bedroom and jsut pushed the door but did not close it. Then I dropped the pallu down and started to unhook my blouse hooks on the back. I knew Raju would take a peek so I turned my back to the door and unhooked my blouse all the way and then I reached behind to unhook my white brassiere too.As I unhooked the brassiere and removed the straps I could hear footsteps .

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I took the pallu to cover my breasts and saw raju standing in the door.His mouth was wide open upon seeing my melons hanging beneath the transparent pallu. Madam Kya item hain tum,”He said in a throaty voice.”tune abhi tak kay dekha hain bacche?”

I said and with a flourish removed my pallu again to let him see my dark high breasts with their prominent black nipples and their dark aerolae.

Raju needed no second invitation he overcame fear with lust and removed his t shirt and jeans and ran to me.I took him in my arms and led him to bed. He was hard and taut all over.He made me lie in the bed and then raised my saree above my thighs to see my shaven legs and smooth tanner thighs.He mounted me and tried to kiss me but I pushed him away.

“Bol jor se karega?”I asked him and roughly removed his underwear to see his lund. My eyes closed in pure ecstasy upon seeing that rod.He was huge much larger than my husband and much thicker too. I took his lund in hands and massaged him a little. He sighed and pulled me on top of him.”Memsaab tum to bahot exp lagati hain,”He said and raised my saree to tug at my panties. I helped him to remove it and then stood up to get rid of the saree too. In a white petticoat I climbed back in bed and mounted him.

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Raju cupped my buttocks and squeezed them while our mouths met in a long wet kiss. I pushed Raju’s hand on my breast and asked him to knead me there. Raju complied happily and took my nipple in his mouth sucking like a hungry baby. I lay on my back and pulled him on top of him.

“Tere ko to ab dhila karta hoon,”he said and winced as he took my large thighs on his shoulders. Now my buttocks were raised in air and my pussy was facing upwards. Raju stroked it a couple of times and then rammed his huge bull right inside my pussy. I cried with pain and buried his head in my voluptuous boobs.He bit my nipple and started to knead the other one as if it was a toy. I cried and told him to do slowly but he did not seem to hear me.He started to ram me by sitting on his knees and started to knead my breasts more vigorously. I raised my hips in air and allowed him to thrust me even deeper.

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After some time Raju stood up near the bed and made me sit astride me by crossing my legs around his middle. I got crazy when he easily lifted my weight on his dick alone and again started pumping. My cunt was already feeling sore with the hammering she was getting. Raju kneaded my buttocks and pressed me against the wall and bit hard on my nipples again and again. I was worried that this violent lovemaking will leave marks on my body which will help my husband know that I have been unfaithful to him but right then I did not care. I wanted this beautiful dick in me as long as he could make it last.

Raju held me against the wall as he neared an orgasm and we shuddered together as he filled my pussy with his man juices. Then he lifted me and threw me on bed and mounted me once again. My petticoat was sticky with our juices but I was happy the way I was fucked by this battering ram.

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