मस्त चुचो की वो दास्तान

वो नुकीले चूंचे कौन भूल सकता है भला। कालेज के दिनों में मेरे साथ पढ़ने वाली नताशा के चूंचे देख कर के लड़के आह भरते थे और टीचर मूठ मारते थे। बाथरुम की दीवालें नताशा को चोदने की फंतासियों से भरी रहती थीं। chudai story se bharpoor – hotindiansexstories.com सच तो ये है कि नताशा … Read more

Unexpected Sex with Horny Sister

Hi guys!!!! It’s me Additya here, so this is a true incident, about how I fucked my sister priyanka. So basically I’m from Pune. I have a great athletic body, I’m a fitness freak so, my body is well maintained. My weight is 70 kg and height and height is 5.9 feet, so girls and … Read more

Cable Connection

Hi my name is Janki and I am a 33 year old housewife, love to read sex kahani and staying in the upmarket area of Pune. In our society most families are from the upper strata and most of the women are not working. We have an informal club called “Desperate housewives” named after the … Read more