Passionate Sex with Hot Maid

Hello Readers. I am Mohit Sharma, and this is my first story on I have read some stories and have thoroughly loved them, and thus I have decided to write about my experiences too. Hindi Sex Stories

When I had holidays in college and had come home for vacations, I noticed that our housemaid had changed. Now the old one was quite old, and not of much pleasure, but the new one was young, sexy and hot. She was my age, had not so big boobs, was thin and most importantly showed interest in me from the first day she saw me. That night I had quite a boner and I thought about her the whole night. Well, I had no idea that the next morning itself, my dreams would come true. My mom said that she had work and that she would be going with dad to the neighboring city for a few days and that I had to make do on my own. She left in the afternoon after the maid had done her work.

In the evening when I was on the bed, doing nothing, the bell rang and to my surprise, it was the maid. She was smiling wide. I nervously asked her, what she wanted to which she said that she was leaving, but needed some water before going as her house was far and she couldn’t stop in the middle. I invited her in, and got her a glass of water, shivering with excitement. She drank a sip and spat slowly, trying to hide the act and offered me to drink too. I took the glass of water and drank from it and she slowly rubbed her feet against mine. I put the glass down and sat next to her on the sofa. I held her and put her on my laps and hugged her tightly. She returned the tight hug. She then broke the hug and started kissing me.
Her tongue was white and her saliva sticky, and I could tell that she loved kissing. I sucked her tongue and then she sucked mine. We exchanged some saliva and rubbed our tongues on each other’s tongues until mine turned white too. After this, when we stopped, I realized that an hour had passed. I felt turned on as I fetish tongues and saliva. I carried her to my room, our tongues still stuck together, rubbing.

I put her on the bed and undressed her completely and she did the same with me. I told her that I hadn’t bathed since morning and if she wanted to bathe with me. She said that even she hadn’t bathed because there was no water at her house. She pulled me on the bed and sat over me. She said that her tongue was enough to clean me.
For the next 30 minutes, we licked each other’s body clean; from the face to the feet we licked all of each other’s body. We then went into the bathroom and she cleaned my penis with water and spat on it. I spat on her clit too. She then guided my penis towards her clit and looked at me. I lifted her up against the wall and went into her, with full force. We screamed and broke into a kiss, tongues rolled into each other. I started penetrating in and out deeper and faster as our kiss grew dirtier. We could hear the sticky saliva make noises in our joined sex parts and that turned us both on even more. In a minute I came in her fully, but we weren’t satisfied so we didn’t stop.

I kept going, our juices flying all over the bathroom. This session lasted longer and I came after 30 minutes with her, both of us tired as hell. We went back into the room, me still inside her and slept on the bed naked. At about 2:30 she woke me up and started kissing me again.

I took her to the bathroom after a dirty spit kiss and washed her feet. I then took her feet in my mouth and she took mine and we bit, licked and sucked each other’s feet. She then sat in doggy style and I entered her from the back and started penetrating deep into her. She shouted my name and asked me to fuck faster. I kept going faster and deeper, the sound of our sticky skins sticking and parting filling the bathroom. After this, she made me sit on the commode and sat on my penis. She now started jumping up and down and then hugged me. We fucked for some time in that position, hugging each other, our sweat mixing with each other’s and our bodies intertwined.

She then lay down and asked me to do a 69 with her. I lay on her body, my penis in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy. I tongue fucked her until she came all over my face and I came all in her mouth. She spits it out and we cleaned our mouths and had a sound sleep, embraced in each other’s warm sweaty hug. We woke up at 10 in the morning and she called and cancelled all her work of that day. We then brushed our teeth using the same brush, before we had a sex breakfast; breakfast with me inside her. In the entire day, we both kissed, swapped saliva and had a lot of sex. The next day she had to go somewhere and that is why we couldn’t meet up.
Both of us still have sex every time we get the chance and we try different kinky things every time.

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