A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law

After ejaculating inside her asshole, mu dick slowly oozed out of her asshole as it became soft and smaller in size and Nithya slowly slided her knees down the berth and slept as it is with her face down on the berth. Both of us were completely drained out. I somehow spread her buttocks and saw her asshole and boy that hole looked pretty big after the penetrated. I sat on the floor almost asleep and after sometime I felt her hands rubbing my head. As I woke up she was awake with her eyes wide open and I did not know how to thank her but before she asked I said “Now I’m very much satisfied, Nithya. I thoroughly enjoyed having sex with you and I will never forget this night and this journey in my life.” She gave a tired smile at me and said “The anal sex was a bit painful but still I enjoyed the later part of it. And the 3 dips as you call it gave me utmost pleasure. I too really loved having sex with you. I love you.” Hearing that, I felt really chill inside.

We finally decided to sleep and as I saw the time, it was close to 1am. Both of us were shocked that we were having sex for just over 4 hours though with breaks in between. She said “I can’t get up now. I’ll sleep here itself and also wear my dress in the morning. U go up.” I said “Ok. I’ll also wear my dress in the morning.” and just as I was about to climb up to the upper berth, the train stopped which we felt it was stopping after a long time. She asked me “Is it a station or it has stopped somewhere in the middle?” I moved the window screen aside a bit and saw it was Vijayawada Junction. I told her “Its Vijayawada.” And went up to the upper berth and dozed off immediately as I was totally exhausted.

I had a real sound sleep and suddenly Nithya woke me up, fully dressed and said “Wake up. Quick. Its 07:45am. We’ll reach in another half an hour. Get freshened up and get ready.” I was still too tired but somehow managed to get up, dressed myself up and as I freshened up and came out, she was sitting with the door and window screen open and got coffee for both of us. I had coffee and continued another brief nap on her shoulders. We reached Chennai at 8:20am and she again woke me up and we got down from the train. Her parents were there to pick her up and they also offered me a ride to my home but I was not comfortable and said “My company have arranged me a cab.” I took a paid taxi and got back home. After reaching home I texted her “Reached home. Thanks a lot. Will never forget this journey with you.” She immediately replied “Mutual here.” I felt really pleased with her reply and fell on the bed straight away and went into a deep sleep till afternoon.

Well friends, this is my real life sex experience with my cousin sister-in-law, Nithya inside a moving train. Thanks a lot for reading my story “A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law”. Hope you enoyed it. Your comments are most welcome.