A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law

As the train crossed the station I got too horny with me and Nithya alone. I locked the door, closed the screen inside and sat close to her with my arms around her. She stopped me and said “Someone will be coming and going till dinner and so conrol yourself till dinner.” Saying that she smiled viciously. I understood that she was enjoying the moment making me wait. But as she said, people kept coming from the ticket checker, to people who gave some refreshments, newspaper, snacks and finally dinner came at 8:30pm. She said “Lets finish it off quickly and start doing it.” I was thrilled to hear that she was also eagerly waiting for the moment.

We finished our dinner at about 8:45pm and after the supplier took away our plates, I locked the door, closed the screen inside and turned at her. She stood up and removed her hair band leaving her hair loose. I got close to her, slided my hands over her soft white waist, pulled her closer, hugged her tight and kissed her. She rolled her arms around my shoulders and kissing sloppily sucking each other’s lips with great passion. I dipped my tongue into her mouth and slowly pushed her on the lower berth as she slowly went down sucking my tongue and sat on the lower berth.

After some deep kissing, I stood up and removed my T-shirt, simultaneously she loosened my belt and lowered my pant and I removed my pant and kept my T-shirt and pant on that wooden shelf. I again bent down, lifted her face and kissed her, slowly sliding her saree down. She told me earlier that her boobs size is 34 and it did look like a water filled balloon over her blouse. I kissed her neck and started pressing her boobs over her blouse. I then unhooked her blouse and rolled my arms around her inside her blouse and without wasting any time unhooked her bra.

I then whipped her saree from her waist, loosened the knot of her inner skirt, lifted her up and removed her saree and inner skirt by lifting them over her head and threw it on the floor. With my arms around her waist, I rubbed my dick over my underwear on her panty. It was spongy over her panty. I then went behind her and with one hand sliding around her waist and dipping my fore finger into her navel, slided my other arm across her shoulder into her unhooked blouse and bra and pressed and squeezed her left boobs. She raised her arms backwards and held my back head and started moaning slowly mmmm mmmm ssssss hhhhho. Her navel was really deep and hollow.

That was really great and then I removed her blouse from behind in a sensual manner and then turned her toward me and slided her bra straps down, removing it and threw them over her saree. Her ballon boobs were too tempting and her nipples were a bit pointed. I wrapped my left arm around her, went down and sucked her nipples pressing her boobs tight. And boy unexpectedly I sipped some milk in it. The moment her milk dripped into my mouth I took my mouth from her boobs surprisingly and saw her smiling at me. I was too excited to drink her milk and immediately went down again, squeezed her boobs and sucked milk from her nipples for a few seconds.

I then got up, kissed and sucked her lips briefly and then slowly pushed her on the berth and made her lie down. I removed my underwear and kept it on my dress. She immediately grabbed my dick and started shaking it. It felt really good and I stood there allowing her to shake my dick for sometime. My dick was already hard and big even before I removed my underwear. She then rubbed my testicles with her other hand simultaneously shaking my dick. I asked her “Do you want to suck my dick.” But she said “I don’t like sucking dicks. Just love to play with them.”

After sometime I slowly bent down, put my hands inside her panty and dipped my hands into her pussy. Boy it was seriously wet. I fingered her for sometime as she kept shaking my dick. In a few seconds, she dropped my dick and I wasted no time in jumping on the berth, spreading her legs and removed her panty and threw it over her saree. Her pussy was a bit hairy with very thin hair surrounding her pussy. Her pussy lips were out. I opened her pussy lips and boy it was juicy inside. I got too tempted and told her “I want to lick your pussy.” She immediately said “Its your wish. I don’t mind.” I immediately spread her legs with one leg on the floor and the other on the iron rod placed to climb to the upper berth. I sat on my knees and sucked her pussy lips. It was so soft and a bit dry than her pussy.

I then opened her pussy lips and licked the wet flesh inside. Boy it was juicy. I slowly dipped my tongue into her pussy hole and licked it inside. It was hot and wet. She started moaning slowly mmmm ssss ohhhhh mmmm aaahhhh. I could not resist and so I covered her pussy with my mouth and started sucking her pussy hard sllrrrp licking her pussy flesh rolling my tongue fiercely into her pussy. She started moaning a bit louder ohhhhhhh sssssss uuuuhhh mmmmmmm sssssss ohhhhhhh. Her pussy juice started dripping in to my mouth and I did enjoy drinking her spicy water. In a few seconds a took my mouth from her pussy in ecstasy and went up kissing her under-belly, belly and dipped my tongue into her deep navel. I dug my tongue deep into her navel and licked it for a very short time as I was coming out of the ecstasy of drinking her pussy juice.

As I took my tongue out, lifted my head and saw her, she had her eyes closed tightly, breathing heavy with her arms stretched one on top and on on the side pressing her palms tightly on the side walls. Both of us were sweating heavily even inside the a/c cabin. Finally I decided to fuck her and slowly crept up her body. It was difficult to have sex in the traditional way sleeping on the berth. So I asked her to sleep on her sides with one leg on the berth and the other leg raised and placed on the iron rod. I then slept behind her hugging her from behind and by holding my dick, I slowly rubbed it over her pussy. I placed it between her pussy lips and slowly pushed it in. I then gradually dipped it inside her pussy. It was very hot and wet and I slowly penetrated my dick inside her pussy. My dick was half in and her pussy got tighter. I hugged her tightly from behind, pressing her boobs hard, pushed my dick into her pussy with some force. She gasped aaahhhh ssss mmmh raising her arms up and holding my back head. My dick was literally stuck tightly inside her pussy and it felt great inside her hot body.

In seconds my dick was almost fully inside her with my waist jammed with her buttocks. I could not control my excitement and I started moving my dick back and forth inside her hot, wet and tight pussy, hitting her buttocks with my waist pat pat pat hugging her tightly from behind, kissing her neck, cheeks and biting her ears. It was electric moving my dick up and down inside her rubbing my dick on the inside walls of her tight pussy and she also felt thrilled as she turned her face towards me with her eyes half closed in excitement and her arms raised holding my back head. I increased the speed and started chucking my dick into het pussy roughly and she started to shout aaaah aaaaahhh hhhhhoo ssssssss. I was a bit nervous that someone outside might hear it and so I slowly turned her face even more towards me, dipped my tongue into her mouth and covered her mouth with mine.

I kept crushing her pussy and in just a few seconds my dick erupted and I cummed inside her and I felt quite heavily. I splashed my semen inside her cunt about 3 or 4 times and I was thrilled to the peak as my cream kept pouring into her pussy. That feeling of cumming gave me immense pleasure which I have never experienced even when masturbating for the last 4 years thinking of fucking her hard just like this. I could not control my emotions and I grabbed her boobs tight bit her shoulders as I ejaculated and her legs dropped down from the iron rod and fell on my legs which was now in between her legs. My dick was literally sandwiched tightly inside her pussy. Immediately after ejaculating my dick became soft and smaller and slowly came out of her pussy.

Both of us were breathing hard and she turned fully towards me lying on her sides facing me, smiled at me and asked in a low voice breathing heavily “Happy Now? Satisfied?” I said “I’m happy but not satisfied.” She gave a surprised look and asked “You wanted to fuck me and I have as per your wish I have already slept with you now. What else you want?” I said “I want 2 more dips into your pussy. Its just past 10pm and we have lots of time.” She smiled with a light stare and said “You guys can never be satisfied.” I stayed silent and she continued “Alright, but not immediately, after a break.” I was excited with her reply and kissed her romantically sucking her sweet lower lips once passionately.

We then relaxed for about 10-15 minutes, both of us drenched in sweat, had some water, got up and were chatting and giggling for sometime. In the process, she told me “The train stopped a few times but we kept going during those halts. What if someone heard us outside?” I was surprised because I did not realise the train stopping and moving and so I said “I never knew when the train stopped as I was fully and thoroughly into you.” She giggled again and as we were chatting suddenly I started feeling horny again looking at her sitting nude next to me. Immediately my dick started growing big and hard. Nithya noticed it and giving a naughty smile at me, she slowly rubbed her palms over my thighs and grabbed my hard and 6″ long dick. This time I somehow felt I had the authority to fuck her and caught her back head pulled it closer and kissed her sloppily, sucking each other’s lips, rolling and locking each other’s tongues.