A Passionate Sex Journey in the train with My Milky Sister-in-law

After that hot lip suck, she asked me “Shall we start again? In your words, the second dip.” And gave a naughty smile lifting her eyebrows twice. I was ecstatic listening to that. I said “I want to fuck you in diggy style” and asked her to stand and bend herself down with her arms and head rested on the berth. She stood up and bent her upper body down on the berth with her legs spread wide. Her buttocks is a bit bulgy and I could not resist seeing that and so without my control pressed it, bent down and kissed both her buttocks. She immediately lifted her head and asked “What are you doing? Lets start having sex.” I said “Your butter coloured buttocks is too sexy. That’s why I could’nt control.” Saying that I tapped my hard dick on her buttocks tap tap tap and slowly dragged it down between her two buttocks and placed it on her pussy.

I slowly inserted my dark dick into her pussy and penetrated deeper and deeper. It was not as tight as it was in our first intercourse but my dick did grip between the inner walls of her pussy this time also. This time I dipped my dick fully into her cunt with my waist jammed tight with her buttocks. I wanted to fuck her really hard and started to move my dick up and down inside her pussy. It was too sticky and wet inside her cunt causing a lot of hich kich sounds and she started to moan mmm ssss aaahh hhhho ssss hhhhho. I put my hands around her thighs, held her inner thighs and chucked my dick into her cunt hard and wild.

I started to crush her pussy hard and she closed her mouth and kept making noises MmmMmmMmmmMmm and as kept drilling her pussy my dick once again erupted and in the extreme pleasures of my semen flowing through my dick, I hugged her belly tightly from behind and lifted her up with her feet off the floor, hooked around my legs. I bent down and kissed her back randomly as my cream literally poured into her pussy. My dick was soaked in my cum inside her cunt. Again my dick slowly oozed out of her pussy as it became a bit softer and smaller after my ejaculation. I slowly took my hands of her stomach. Both of us were exhausted as she slowly went down and sat on the floor, resting her arms and chin on the berth and I fell down on the berth.

We smiled at each other but were breathing so heavily that could not say anything. After a few seconds, I slowly got up, went near her, rolled my arms around her with my fingers pressing her underarms, kissed her forehead, her cheeks and her fleshy shoulders. Her hair was shattered and stuck over her sweaty body. I was sleeping on the berth and she was sitting on the floor. We regained our breath after sometime and relaxed for a while. This time we took a longer break and I saw the time, it was close to 11:20pm. I asked her straight “Can I have the last and final dip now?” She smiled in the same way with a stare in her eyes and said “I’m ready but this time I will dominate.” I was thrilled hearing that. I quickly said “Wow I’m also ready to see you dominate me.”

She stood up and asked me to lie down flat on the berth. As I lied down on the berth, she came down and slept right over me, pressing her milky boobs over my chest. I hugged her tightly on me and she dropped her hair over my head and kissed me. I really loved that indoor kiss. She then dipped her tongue deep into my mouth and covered my lips with her lips. It was so hot and sweet to suck her tongue deep into my mouth, drinking her saliva. It was so horny that my dick grew big and hard once again. She then slowly went down kissing my cheeks, my chest, my mammae, my stomach and slowly went down and caught my hard dick, sitting on my knees. As she grabbed my dick, immediately, she saw her palms and said “Ohh its very sticky and dirty.” She then opened her bag, took her kerchief and wiped my dick.

She was wiping my dick standing besides me and my eyes suddenly caught her fleshy thighs. It was so tempting that I immediately got up, hugged her right thigh with one hand and started licking and kissing her back thighs, slowly rubbed my other hand over her left thigh upwards, pressed her buttocks and dipped my fingers between her buttocks. As my fingers rubbed her asshole she immediately pulled herself out of my fingers and asked “What are you doing?” From the time I fucked her in doggy style, I was desperate to fuck her asshole but somehow wanted to do it without giving notice to her. As she pulled out midway I decided to tell her but I was sure that she will not accept for anal sex and so just said “I want to see your asshole”. She asked “What for?” I replied “Just an enthusiasm to see and enjoy.” She gave the same old reaction of that starring smile and said “Shut up, nothing doing and lie down now.” With her reaction I felt I could get a chance to fuck her asshole and silently lied down on the berth.

She then dropped her kerchief, sat on the berth on her knees with her knees on either side of my legs, raised herself over my dick, took my dick in her palms and rubbed it on her pussy lips and slowly dipped it in. She then slowly came down penetrating my dick deeper and deeper into her body and finally sat on my waist with my dick fully dipped inside her pussy. As she sat on my waist, both of us gasped Aaahhho ssss and she held my palms tightly and slowly bent down and slept over me. As she bent down and slept over me, I felt her buttocks raising up from my waist and the back end of my dick coming out.

I then started moving my waist up and down, kissing my waist on her buttocks and lowering it. Both of us loved it as we moaned in pleasure mmmh mmmmh mmm. I then gradually increased the speed and started fucking her rough by hitting my waist hard on her buttocks. It was electric as I kept crushing her pussy with my dick going up and down inside her pussy rubbing hard on her hot, wet and sticky pussy walls and she also loved it as she sucked my cheeks into her mouth and kept moaning a bit louder MmmmMmmmMmmmMmmm. After crushing her pussy hard and wild for a few seconds, I slowled it down as my waist got a bit soar and it was a bit sultry with both of us bathing in sweat. I slowly got up and sat on the berth with Nithya sitting on my waist with her palms on my shoulders and my dick inside her. We were again breathing heavily and I licked and kissed her sweaty body tasting her salt.

In a few seconds, suddenly, she started fucking me by slowly raising her buttocks up and down from my waist. I pushed my upper body a bit back and sat with my hands rested tightly on the berth behind me as I was thrilled to see her initiating the sex and after fucking her thrice it was so heavenly getting fucked by her. She kept fucking me for sometime with her palms on my shoulders. As she fucked me, she was breathing hard and her inhaling and exhaling was loud.

In the middle of sex, she stopped moving up and down and sat tightly on my waist and moved her buttocks in circles rotating my dick inside her pussy. As she did that for the second time, I said “Fuck me hard. Move up and down faster and hit your buttocks on my waist harder. I like it rough.” She was a bit tired but still gave a mild smile and in just a few moments started to fuck me once again. As she gradually started to fuck me harder and harder, she took her palms from my shoulder and rested them on the berth behind her just like me to apply pressure and kept moaning alongside breathing hard hho hhho hhho hhaa ssss hhhho and she fucked me so rough that my dick kept tickling severely as it was rubbing hard against her flesh inside her pussy.

She fucked me so brutally with her buttocks repeatedly crashing on my waist thak thak thak and I was too excited and held her waist tightly as she kept riding over my dick. Her brutal fucking suddenly erupted my dick as I felt like ejaculating for the third time in three hours. I felt my semen gushing out of my dick and not able to control my emotions, I hugged her tightly around her waist and shouted for once aaaahhh hhhhhoo and immediately put my head down in excitement stuffed my mouth on her boobs randomly as I creamed her pussy with my semen splashing my cream several times into her cunt. She hugged my head tightly pressing my mouth against her balloon like boobs. As I poured every drop my semen into her, my dick once again shrinked in size. As I pulled my dick out of her pussy, I noticed semen particles near her pussy hole and on her pussy lips that came out of her pussy along with my dick.

We then sat besides each other and were totally exhausted. She was sitting, closing her eyes breathing heavily and I was also breathing heavily. I kept watching her waiting for her to open her eyes and after a few minutes, she opened her eyes, saw me and asked “Are you satisfied now after the 3 dips you asked for?” I was silent and just gave her a smile. She got a bit tensed and asked “What? Still hungry? My pussy will tear off if you keep grinding it.” I gave a broader smile and said “I’m very much done with your pussy.” She asked “Then?” I hesitated a bit but then replied “I’m desperate to fuck your asshole.” She starred at me for a moment and said “What? Look, my asshole has never been pierced before and I’m very nervous to allow you to penetrate your dick into it.” I immediately said “Don’t worry. Trust me. I won’t fuck your asshole roughly as I did it with your pussy.” She thought for a while and I kept looking at her and after a few moments, she nodded her head half heartedly and asked “What should I do now?”

I asked her to sit on the berth on her knees, legs spread wide and bend her head down on the berth. I sat on my knees behind her, spread her buttocks and saw that tiny black hole, her asshole. It was a star like hole with all lines converging into the hole. It looked really cute and very tempting. Holding her buttocks wide open, I rubbed my thumb on it. I then slowly inserted my right thumb into her asshole. Half of my thumb went in and it was too tight even for my thumb as she gasped just for inserting my thumb aaah ssss. Stretching her left buttocks wide I then dipped my forefinger into her asshole. It was still tight even for my forefinger and I decided to widen that hole and so I fingered her asshole with my forefinger for a few seconds and then slowly dipped my middle finger also fingering her asshole with some passion. As I was fingering her asshole, she kept moaning mmmm mmmmm mmmmm ohhhh sssss mmm.

My dick was ready to penetrate her asshole as it once again grew really hard and big as I kept fingering her. I took my fingers out and slowly inserted my thumb again. This time my thumb went in fully but still it was very tight and somewhat wet inside. As I dipped my thumb in, she once again gasped aaahhh aaahh. I rotated my thumb inside her asshole wanting to widen it for my dick to penetrate. Her asshole was somewhat wet that my fingers did not get so wet but as I fingered her and rotated my thumb inside her asshole, it made a lot of hichkich noise inside.

After a few minutes, I lost patience and with my thumb half inside I stood up on the berth, placed my legs around her legs in front of her knees, almost locking her legs with mine, lowered myself almost sitting on her buttocks and by slowly removing my thumb from her asshole, held my dick with one hand and placed it into her asshole before it once again closed tight. My dick was so thick that I managed to sneak the front end into her asshole but it was unimaginably tight to penetrate her asshole. I placed one hand around her stomach from behind, applied energy and pushed it hard into her asshole and as my dick slowly started to penetrate her asshole, she could not resist the pain and closed her mouth tight and made noises within her mouth MmmmmMmmmmMmmmmMmmm. I slowly penetrated that tight little hole and as my dick was half way in, it eased out a bit and I gradually dipped my dick deeper into her asshole and finally managed to stuff my dick fully into her asshole.

As I tried to fuck her and pulled my dick back, it was so seriously tight that she came along rather than my dick coming out. I felt it was stuck inside that tight hole. I then pressed her buttocks and with some effort pulled my dick back half way as Nithya screamed in pain inside her mouth closing it with her hand MmmmmmmmMmmmmMmmm. and then pushed it in again with some force and slowly started to fuck her asshole as it loosened a bit with every stroke back and forth. As it got a bit loose and I could move my dick up and down a bit easier, I started fucking her asshole smoothly but it was still very much gripping my dick inside. As promised I did not fuck her roughly but kept fucking her asshole with great passion and after some serious hard fucking, for the last time on that night, I felt my white fluid flowing through my dick and once again in the extreme pleasures of cumming, I sat over her buttocks, bent down, hugging her from behind with my hands squeezing her boobs and shouted in extreme sex pleasures aaaaah hhhhhooo hhhhhoo sss aaahhhh as I kept ejaculated inside her asshole, filling her asshole with my hot white cream.