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Megha – Ahhh! Not the asshole. I am a virgin in the ass!!

Me – So it’s good. There’s a first time for everything.

Saying this I fingered her ass. She was in pain. She had clenched her hands very tightly in a fist. She had kept her ass clean. There was no sign of shit. I took out my finger and inserted in her mouth.

Me – Taste your own butthole now.

Saying this I positioned myself properly behind her. I lifted up her ass. Her head was now on the bed and she was kneeling with her hands tied to the back. I placed my dick in front of her pussy and fucked her again in that position. She was moaning but didn’t have an orgasm.

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I lifted up her head, put one hand in front of her pussy to stimulate her clit and with the other hand, grabbed her boobs. Then I fucked her again. She liked the position and I felt her pussy contracting. I knew I couldn’t hold any longer so this was the point when I would cum. So I felt like I should untie her so she could enjoy too. So I untied the rope.

She immediately grabbed my neck from the back and pulled me even closer to kiss me. I was thrusting my dick into her pussy and she was near to her climax. I was near too. But before I could realize, she came and she shuddered. I had to grab hold of her to stop her from falling.

I placed her on the bed and put my dick between her boobs. I tit fucked her. It was amazing. Then she took the dick in her mouth. She gobbled the dick and kept moving her head. I groaned and shot a huge load of cum in her mouth. She gagged and cum flowed out of her mouth to her boobs. She drank the rest of the cum and then licked herself clean. Megha said my cum tasted good and far better than her husband.

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Since my parents came, I had to leave but that’s not it. Fortunately, my parents had to go to a wedding in the evening. So I planned to stay back and fuck her.

After they left, I went to her house. This time she was ready. She wore a nighty top and nothing below. I picked her up by her thighs and took her to the bedroom. I pinned her to the wall and undid my pants and immediately fucked her while standing. She enjoyed it too.

I fucked her in doggy style, missionary and sidewise. She didn’t cum easily.

That evening, I came twice and she came just once. We have been fucking since then. I also had a threesome with her and another neighbor who caught us fucking in the staircase.

We have had many adventures and I did anal with her too. She is now more into anal than pussy fuck. I enjoy it too but it is difficult to control myself when her tight ass contracts.

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