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Phat! Phat! Phat! Phat! The room was filled up with this noise.

Megha – Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I am cumming!!!! I am cumming!! Oh shit!!! Yeah baby keep goiingggg…. Ahhhhhhhh.

As she moaned, I felt her shudder and her pussy contracted around my dick like a vacuum. She lifted herself off my dick and squirted so hard it fell all over my body, my face and on the bed. She was flat on my legs with her pussy facing me.

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Due to the humping, the knots had loosened I pulled my hands to break open it. Then with the free hand, I opened the other knot. She was still motionless breathing heavily. I think she was still having an orgasm. But I was not done yet. I had to take my revenge on her. So I pulled her ass closer to me and started licking her pussy again.

Megha – Ah stop it. I just came. If I come again, I won’t be able to move anymore. I will suck you off now.

Me – But now I am in control.

So I lifted her and tied her arms and legs too. I started licking and fingering her pussy. She was moaning loudly and came again. I drank all her cum. Then I placed dick between her pussy and trusted it all the way in. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting. Till now, I hadn’t sucked her boobs.

My dick still inside her, I started sucking her boobs. There were a handful of those titties which were soft and firm at the same time.

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Her nipples were very hard. She was still shimmering due to the previous orgasm. Her tits were tasty. I kissed her from top to bottom and licked her asshole. She seemed to like it because I could feel her body tense up. She was struggling to keep herself back anymore.

Megha – Stop teasing and just fuck me already.

Me – You have to beg me.

Megha – Please fuck me. I am fucking horny. Please!!

Me – Call me ‘master’.

Megha – Master, please fuck me.

Me – Oh yeah!!

I rubbed my dick on her entrance. She was squirming. Then I spat on my dick and inserted it in.

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Megha – Ahhhh!! Fuck me, master. Fuck my brains out.

I started out slow with deep thrusts. But I wanted to feel her more. So I untied her legs.

She immediately wrapped her legs around me. I lifted her ass and started thrusting her. The room filled was with her moans. I pushed in so deep that she again came in a minute. This time I could feel she was exhausted. But I hadn’t cum yet. I had many plans with her.

Then I untied her hands. She lied on the bed with full satisfaction and exhaustion. I kissed her on lips and kissed her neck. She responded with a few more kisses. Then I made her lie on her stomach.

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Megha – Let it be that much for today. I will suck you off after I gain some energy.

Me – You will disobey your master?!!! You didn’t call me ‘master’. So you deserve punishment.

Saying this I spanked her hard. She screamed in pain. Her white buttock had turned red. Then I spanked the other buttock. She again screamed in agony. The other buttock also turned red.

She tried to get up. So I brought her hands towards the back and tied them. She was now going nowhere. I spread her legs and inserted my middle finger in her asshole.

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