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Me – Where do you get all these things?

Megha – From the internet obviously. My husband isn’t that good on the bed so I use these to make myself cum. But you are not going to disappoint me. Are you?

Me – No!

Megha – Let’s hope so.

She again came on top of me, checked the knots and started kissing me. She kissed my lips, my face, my armpits, my chest, my stomach and my legs but didn’t even touch my dick.

Me – Won’t you kiss there?

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Megha – No, not until you beg for me.

So I begged her to kiss my dick. She kissed it slightly and even licked it. She licked the balls and just wrapped her tongue around my dick’s head. That’s when I thrust it into her mouth. She pulled back and said, “you will get punishment for this”. And saying this, she squeezed my nipples. I hurt so bad but was erotic. Then she continued to tease me by playing with her body. My cock was already hurting.

Megha – Enough foreplay to get you excited. Now it is time for the real show.

She bent down between my legs and took the lube. She poured some on her hand and massaged herself. Her tits were bouncing in front of my eyes as she stimulated her nipples. Then she slid her body over me so the lotion is also on me. Its smell was fucking erotic. Then she poured a substantial amount of it on my dick and gave me a hand job. It was so great I could cum right then. But I couldn’t disappoint her. So I held my urges and controlled.

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Megha – Someone is trying very hard to hold back. Let’s make it even harder.

Saying this she bent down between my legs and massaged my balls and then suddenly took my whole dick in her mouth.

I was shocked. It was an unbelievable situation. When she took her head up, my penis was covered up by her saliva mixed with lube.

She then moved up and down as she took the dick in her mouth. I was so close to orgasm I said I was cumming. So she stopped and held the end of the shaft like the previous time and I couldn’t cum. But there was a lot of precum. She licked it off and said it was delicious.

Then she sat over me and kissed again. She again put on some more lube and this time raised my cock and gently entered it into her pussy. Her pubic hair looked beautiful and as she opened her pussy I could see it was white from outside and pink from inside. It was tight. She moaned and arched back as I thrust it in.

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Megha – I haven’t had such a big one inside. My husband’s is just 4 inches and he even had ED (erectile dysfunction).

She moved up and down and her pussy wrapped around my dick tightly. Her juices were flowing and were on my pelvic region. With every movement, there was a slurping sound of her pussy. It was warm, tight, deep and pink. What else would you want?

I also started moving to make it more intense. She was massaging her nipples and clit. Her movements fastened and the room filled with the sound of skins flapping.

Megha – Oh yeah baby make me cum. I am close. Your dick is so deep in my pussy. I can feel it touching my stomach.

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Me – Ah it is amazing. Ah! Ah! Ah!

Megha – Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Hmmm! Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck me harder!!!! Make me cum.

I increased my movements and she also started jumping (literally).