Neha, the office bitch

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So sorry to keep you waiting Sir. I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour.” said Neha.

She was taking to her would-be-boss Amit who was seated in his chair in his spacious office. The name plate holder on his desk read ‘AMIT SHAH – VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING ’. He was in his mid thirties, a rather stout individual with a well kept mustache which was curled upwards. He had no beard though. The grimace on his face worried Neha deeply.

“I have other issues to attend to Neha. I told you to meet me in my office at 4:30. Now it’s almost 5:30. Is this what I should expect from you if I were to hire you as my secretary.” He asked in a candid manner. Neha’s eyelids drooped downwards as her right hand tightly held the handbag that was hanging on her left shoulder.

He gestured her to take a seat.

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“I had to pick up my son sir. He is actually waiting outs…”

“Enough. You have to act like a professional if you want to work for me. I want a secretary who’s always punctual. Please…no more excuses.”

“It won’t happen again sir. I really need this job. It’s just me and my little boy sir.”

Amit spoke tenderly, his eyes compassionate and understanding, “I know all your troubles Neha. It’s really unfortunate what happened to your husband,”. Neha gave a slight nod.

“But I can’t give you the job just because you had a tough life. There are lots of other criteria.”

“I’m prepared for any challenge sir.” She spoke confidently.

“Based on your academics I know that you are qualified for the job. But there are other factors involved.”

“What other factors sir?”

“You have to be a little less… conservative.”

Neha was also in her mid-thirties. She was a widow struggling to raise her son. She was a stunning woman with long black hair tied up into a knot and a bronze skin tone. Her voluptuous curves could give an old man a hard boner. Her cheeks turned a bit red on hearing her boss’ comment.

“What do you mean sir?”

“Neha, let me be frank. A lot of young women have already applied for the job. You’re my old classmate. That’s the only reason why I called you here a second time. Otherwise I would have just given any of the other girls the job,”

Neha looked down to her lap. This job was her last hope.

“If I were to give you the job then you would have to accompany me to a lot of meetings. Your presence should distract my clients as I try to hook them with an offer. That’s why I usually hire younger girls.”

“So…I’m not good-looking enough. Is that the issue sir?”

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“No…no. I would never say that. You have a hot figure but you hide it all too well. You need to show more skin.”

Neha looked at her clothes. She was wearing a full sleeve black blouse under her red saree. Everything below her neck was covered meticulously. Even still, the shapely bulge of her heavy breasts underneath her plus size blouse was enough to drive Amit wild. He always lusted after her when they were in high school. She never noticed him then and that infuriated him. This was his chance to fulfill his fantasies.

“I can wear a sleeveless blouse if you like sir.” Amit looked unconvinced. “Maybe a low cut blouse?” she lowered her standards further.

“That’s not enough Neha. You will have to go with my clients on various trips and such. Most of them are foreigners. To blend in with them you will have to be…” Amit sighed. “Let me ask you this… how far are you willing to go for this job Neha?”

“I don’t know what you mean. But I’m prepared to do anything sir.”


Neha again looked down to her lap and didn’t respond as a terrible sense of foreboding struck her.

“Ok. Why don’t you stand up. Let me get a good look at you. ”

Neha thought about it for a while and then got up, hesitantly.