Neha, the office bitch

She lost her grip at the sudden violent thrust, lunging her body forward, her chest grazing against the tabletop. She opened her mouth wide letting out an arousing moan… “AAAAAH”. This was encouragement for Amit. He kept it in for a while to feel her insides, the wetness, the warmth, the tightness… oh he loved it. Neha planted her elbows on the table and lifted herself up. He took it out and drove it in again, this time with more force, holding onto her hips tighter as his crotch slammed against her inflamed buttcheeks. Neha moaned again as her body was lunged forward knocking some pen-holders and paper-clips off the table. She liked to be treated rough. Even her husband didn’t know exactly how rough she liked it. Her love-hole was already soaking wet. She has never been this excited.

“OH. So my slut likes it rough huh?”

Neha made no reply. Amit gave her a tight slap on the ass which made her scream in pain. “ANSWER YOUR MASTER BITCH.”

“Yes master. I like to be fucked rough.” She said softly, still not admitting to herself how much she is enjoying this.

“You’re going to get it rough alright…”

Grabbing hold of her hips again, he started to fuck her.

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“AAAH…MMM…. YES..HA…HA..HUH… OMG…” She moaned like a bitch in heat. SHMAP, SHMAP,SHMAP,SHMAP,SHMAP,SHMAP,SHMAP… that was the sound of his crotch slamming her ass. Amit couldn’t take his eyes off her round buns. They were too hypnotic, rippling with each deep thrust he made. It was too hot for him. In his teenage years he used to regularly jerk off to the pictures of her, imagining her giving him a blowjob. Neha was also enjoying this. Amit made her moan like a slut. No one has fucked her ever since her husband died, so her pussy was real tight. She felt like a virgin fucked for the very first time. She still had her bra on and her panty was just above her knee. Her love-juices trickled down along her fleshy thighs. Her pussy tightened itself around his cock more and more after every penetration. Amit pressed her head against the table with one hand and carried on, faster and harder. Her melons were sandwiched between the table and her body. Amit was rough as promised. It was as if he was cleaning the table using Neha’s body. He made no signs of slowing down.


“Ahh…Ahhh…huh…ooh God…yes…ahh…master…aahh…”

Neha moaned louder than ever completely in touch with her slutty side. He fucked, not made love, but fucked her like an animal.She lay on the table on her back, her legs raised to the air completely drenched in sweat. The vermilion on her forehead was flowing down her nose and her hair was laid out in a perfect semi-circle on the table. Amit was still drilling her, his hands under her bra, pressing her breasts wildly. The table wobbled back and forth furiously as if it’s legs were about to snap.Neha now made no attempts at hiding her pleasure. She was grunting and moaning and encouraging him on. Amit was elated. He did this to her. He brought out the wild side of this seemingly innocent woman.

“FUCK!!! I’m gonna cum slut.” he said, panting. He could feel the semen lodged at the tip of his dick.

“Outside. Cum outside.” said Neha.

This time when Amit slapped her, she wasn’t surprised. It didn’t hurt much this time. You could tell that he was tired.

“Don’t you dare command me bitch.”

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Grunting like a pig, Amit suddenly took his dick out and sprayed his jizz all over her sweaty body. His first shot fell on her cleavage, the rest of the cum fell on her stomach and collected on her bellybutton. He moaned as he squeezed every last drop out of his cock. He stopped to catch his breath. Both panted simultaneously, staring at each other. Amit broke the eye contact first to look at his watch. He was late.

He pulled up his pants immediately and composed himself. Neha was still on the table, panting, awaiting further instruction. Amit took out his wallet and threw a wad of 500 rupee notes all over his slave’s body. The bills stuck to her sweaty, cum covered body. She felt humiliated, but she liked it.

“This is your reward slut. Everytime you get fucked, I’ll pay you a bonus.”

Neha picked up the notes sticking to her body and nodded acknowledgement.
“Good. I have to leave now. I’m late because of you.”

Amit left the room and closed the door behind him.