My sweet sister, Parvati

Hello fellow sex story readers. Welcome to the world of Incest sex and Literotica. This happened to me a little over a year ago. I was 18 years old and It was Saturday afternoon.

There was nobody home apart from my sister Parvati and I. Parvati was 2 years older than me being 20 years old.

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My sister Parvati was getting ready to go out to a party that was on later that night. I was in my room fantasizing over my sister while she was taking a shower. I did this for a few minutes and then I heard the shower turn off. My door was half open and I saw Parvati walk past quickly wrapped in a towel.

I got up and walked towards her room. Her door was slightly open but not enough to allow me to see anything. I slowly pushed the door open until I could see Parvati standing next to her bed, completely naked.

She was drying herself with a towel and fortunately for me a had the best seat in the house. She had just finished towel drying her shoulder length black hair and moved down to her average size breasts.

Parvati didn’t have huge tits but they were still a good handful and they were perfectly shaped, round and firm. Her nipples were hard and so was my cock. I could feel it really starting to swell up in my pants.

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Parvati then began to dry her perfectly shaped thighs. She had a very attractive body and great looks. She had a very slim body and a great smile. She was extremely popular at school and was asked out on dates all the time.

Parvati looked like she had finished drying herself. She dropped the towel on the floor and turned around to get something when she spotted me. I had to do something quickly.

Parvati yelled ” Behanchod.”

I quickly shut the door. I was standing outside wondering what would happen next. It sounded like Parvati was looking for something to wear as I could hear here going through her drawers.

My cock was so hard and swollen I had to pull my pants down. My cock sprung out immediately. I had a sudden thought. Then I took my shirt off and was standing at my sister door completely naked.

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I quickly opened her door and saw her standing next her bed, still completely naked holding a shirt in her hands. She looked stunned, I acted quickly.

I pushed Parvati onto the bed and got on top of her. I spread her legs and got between them.

She yelled” Hey stop, you fucker!”

She didn’t put much of a fight up, she didn’t have much time actually. As soon as I was on top of her I pinned her down, spread her legs and rammed my swollen cock into her pussy. She let out a few quiet moans of pain but after that she seemed to be enjoying it.

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I fucked her really quickly. I rammed my hips back and forth, forcing my cock back and forth in her pussy. I couldn’t believe the enjoyment I was getting. Parvati’s small breasts were pounding back and forth and I fucked her tight pussy.

She was really tight, I had to very pound her pussy. I could feel myself ready to come and I pumped her even more. The bed was really starting to squeak now, I wasn’t sure if the bed would hold up, but it did.

Then I came, throb after throb. I felt her thighs wrap around my hips and her calves resting on my arse cheeks. As throb after throb of cum was squirted into her, she had an orgasm too. This was amazing, I came for a while, filling her cunt up with my warm liquid. When it was finally over I got up and left without saying a word.

Things didn’t really change too much after that. We fucked each other again and again.