Erotic Flight experience

Welcome to the world of Literotica & First time sex stories. Without further delay, I’ll get on with the sex story for you people. It was a very exciting day for me as I was preparing to leave my country India for higher studies to USA. The flight was in the night from Madras on Singapore Airlines. I was flying to San Francisco and then to my university from there.

I was waiting in the airport when a beautiful lady along with an old man came walking towards me and my parents. Apparently they were somebody whom my father knew. After all the introductions I came to know that this lady was also flying to San Francisco on the same flight as I was, to join her husband who lives in San Jose. Since she was flying alone we both took seats next to each other.

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After Bidding farewell to all my family members and she to hers we both boarded the plane. We started talking and she told me that she had come to India for her sisters wedding and her husband could not make it due to work pressure etc.

The flight took off and we started the first leg of our journey to Singapore. We were causally talking in our native language and she asked me where i studied and what why i was going to the US etc. She then asked me whether i had any girl friends in India etc. She was feeling quite free with me and used to touch my hand on every possible occasion as though she was trying to tease me.

Initially I was a little hesitant but then i took the courage and started touching her started to question her about her life before her marriage etc. I came to know that she was in love with someone else but due to pressures at home had to marry someone else.

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By this time we had landed in Singapore and were moving towards our next flight to Seoul. In about 3 hrs time we took off from Singapore and we were on a long 8 hr flight to Seoul. The flight was amazingly empty and we both were sitting on one side of the aircraft with one seat vacant towards the corner. We continued our talking for about an hours time and then the lights were all turned off so that people could sleep. We requested for blankets and had covered our body with blankets.

Suddenly I felt her hand move on my legs. I kept quite and she continued to move her fingers on my legs. I looked at her and she was smiling at me. This gave me courage and i put my arm across her shoulder and started to feel her bra. She gave me courage by moving her dupatta from her shoulder.

I slowly unbuttoned her salwar and put my hands on her breasts. By this time she was feeling my 8 inch dick. She had a very firm breast and I was enjoying every moment of my journey. By now I was feeling afraid that someone may notice us and told her to come to the restroom.

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She readily agreed and we both started towards the restroom. I followed her and she went into one of the restrooms and after a few moments i went inside. She had taken off her salwar and stood in from of me with only her bra and panties.

She was wearing a white colored bra and panties. I started to kiss her and feel her breasts at the same time. She unzipped my pants and made them fall to the ground. She bent down and took my dick in her mouth. My dick was fully erect and I was really enjoying the blow job that she was giving me. I made her stand up and unhooked her bra and took off her panties.

I put my mouth on her nipples and started to bite it and started sucking her boobs. I had seen so many blue films but nothing was close to the real experience. By now we were both getting excited and she wanted me to fuck her. She got on top of me and my dick slid into her hole. She gave a slight moan and then I started to fuck her. My cum poured into her and we both were exhausted.

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Both of us dressed up and kissed for about 2 minutes and then slowly one by one went and sat down our seats. We had a similar experience in the other leg of our flight from Seoul to San Francisco.

I still keep in touch with her but have not had the opportunity to go and visit her. One day I will just take off and go and visit her. In the meantime if any of you girls are interested in having similar fun with me just write to me. If we both happen to be from the same place may be we can meet for some fun.