Mom enjoyed by Dad’s friend

Hi friends I’m Vansh today I am going to present an erotic sex story about an incident that is much more interesting. This is just a sex story but you can relate it with me and my family or even your family.

Now with out wasting more time let me switch over to story. My mom who is good looking aged 43yrs but looks like 35 or 38 having big ass 36 sized boobs and slim waist. She is very much fond of sex and this thing I came to know when I saw her satisfying herself from a man else than my father. Suraj uncle, dad’s best friend and her daughter Shikha too studies with me and we both are too best friends.

We both are very frank to each other and also use to tease each other by imagining each’s dad with others moms n etc. One fine day wen me and my friend Shikha went college, we bunked a lecture and were sitting in canteen. Shikha told me dear, yesterday at 9 pm my dad was talking to ur mom and that also not in normal way”

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Firstly I found this as joke but he swore then I realized that she is not lying. She told tht her dad was talking to my mom in bitchy way and flirting with mom and also decided to meet on Saturday morning and luckily my dad was out of station to attend training. Generally I bunk my college on Saturdays but on ths Saturday mom was forcing me to attend the college and I understood whole matter clearly.

I nodded to mom and agreed that i’ll attend college on Saturday and she smiled as if she won some contest. Next day on Saturday like normal days I went out of house but not to college as I knew something was surely going to happen. I called Shikha to meet me out of college and we met at city mall and I told all things happened yesterday. Then she told me to go to home again and note whats going on there as she confirmed that her dad left home half and hour ago.

I hurried on way to home and reached home and as I expected Suraj uncle’s bike was in our basement first of all I was too angry about the situation and on my mom than this anger turned to excitement and I entered my house main door was locked from inside but luckily behind door was open as my mom would have forgotten to lock it. I entered the house and it was empty down stairs so I ran to stairs softly and went to our store room.

In our store room there is small hole to bed room which was drilled to draw wires and left as it is. I viewed from that hole and a very hot and dirty scene was seen, my mom was sitting with her legs spread and uncle’s mouth was busy sucking her hairy pussy on that day for first time I saw my mom naked and came to know that she is having hairy pink pussy uncle was sucking her pussy like a wild dog and mom moaning on his suck and pushing his head more and more towards her pussy.

After some time mom had her orgasm and moaned loudly and uncle drank all her juices and switched to her boob’s mom’s boobs were huge and hanging. Uncle held her boobs and started pinching her nipples mom shouted in excitement and said ”teri biwi tuje chodne nahi deti kya? And uncle replied chodne to deti he par tuj jaisi maza kah he uske saath tu to meri rakhail he’hai na?’

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Mom replied ”ha baba ha me teri randi hi hu buja le apni pyas aur meri pyas bhi buja de. I was shocked by listening mo speaking such words. I haven heard b4 speaking such vulgar words. Uncle that put her hands on his cock and told mom ”ye le pakad ise aur chus is ek randi ki tarah’ Mom smiled and hold his cock and started shaking it hard it grew in size it was about 7 inches long and thick.

Mom moved her mouth near his cock and took it in her mouth it could hardly go half inside and mom spread her saliva on his cock and sucked her and this time took fully and uncle said meri pyari randi aur chus saali and my mom sucked hard and said abe saale tera lund bahut bada he and put his cock between her boobs and gave a hot steamy boob fuck mom was full of sweat and was begging him to fuck her hard.

Uncle was too excited ant kept her rock hard cock on mom’s pussy lips and was teasing her and mom said sale ghusa de pura andar kutte ki tarah chod muje aaj faa de meri chut. Uncle slowly entered and started jerkin and entered fully in just one shot and mom cried loudly in pleasure and than uncle started pumping his cock deep in mom’s pussy and fucked her like bitch and at last

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When uncle was going to cum he removed his cock from pussy and kept his cock on moms lips and ejected in her mouth mom cleaned up each drop. He then kissed mom And left home this was my story, how was it? Was it enough to make guy cum and give girl a hot orgasm?