Manjula seduces the servant

Hello. I am Kabir. I frequently visit looking to read Servant Sex stories and how Owners fuck their maids / servant. I recently submitted my own story on I take it that you have already read my first Servant sex stories – Wife sells her milk to help Husband, if not, do read it.

This story is again, about my wife, Manjula. She is a dusky goddess with curvy and shining body. Big boobs and round ass. She is an enchanting lady, one who can make heads turn and cocks rise.

Anyways, after her first encounter with the Milkman, who helped her save me, she became frank and quite open to others. I noticed her getting friendly with strangers quite often, something that she avoided before. Maybe her time with Milkman had changed her.

Time passed and I got back on track. I got promoted and could now afford things that need good money. Manjula and I decided to get a servant to help her with household chores. Since our kid was still small, she had to attend to his needs first.

So, I visited an agency and handpicked a couple who fit the bill. Their names were Sudhir and Rati. They were from Aurangabad and knew decent Hindi. The agency called them to meet me. Sudhir was around 40 years old and stout. He looked strong but smelled of alcohol. Rati was younger, 30-32 years maybe and slim. She had small boobs and small but round waist. She wasn’t a beauty queen, but can pass for decent beauty.

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I discussed wages and asked them to join later that day. We had just moved to a new house. A plot basically, which had a mini bungalow and a servant quarter behind it. When Sudhir and Rati came that evening, I had them meet Manjula and asked her to let them know about their work and quarters.

“Sudhir, you’ll help me with buying groceries and various things from Market and the garden. You also have to keep a close watch on the house and don’t allow any stranger in, ” Manjula pointed out.

“And Rati, you’ll help me with cleaning, cooking and other household chores”, She continued.

Both of them nodded. They were offered 5000 rupees + quarters per month for their work. They readily agreed and were shown to their quarters. Both of them rested that night and came to work the following day.

Sudhir was a slow bloke. He got off to his gardening works as Rati helped Manjula with cooking and other Kitchen stuffs. They do well and Manjula appreciated their efforts as weeks passed.

“They are good and work hard, dear,” She said one day,” Rati is the real deal. She cooks well and does almost everything for me”.

She beamed as we got comfortable. I had too much work and meetings that day so was tired as hell. I slept as Manjula tucked in the baby, read a book for a while and watched some TV before she slept.

Around midnight, maybe 1 a.m., I wanted to pee. I noticed Manjula was not on the bed. Our baby boy was sleeping. I put some pillows around him and got up.

‘Maybe she went to pee as well, or drink water… ‘, I thought as I made my way to the bathroom adjacent to kitchen. I saw a shadow at the corner of the Living room.

I tried to see who it might be.

To my surprise, it was Manjula. In her night gown, down the hall, near the small room allocated to Sudhir and Rati, and she was peeping in. Maybe the door wasn’t fully shut or it had some opening for her to look through…

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I was quite shocked to see this. Although I knew about her sexual awakening at the hands of the Milkman, I never thought she will get down to this!

She was peeping in and looking at something that was going inside.

I moved towards the other end of Living room, which connected to a store room, which opened in the backyard. All the rooms had windows opening in the backyard and I got one for servant quarters. I walked towards it and looked inside.

There was no curtain on it. Just some newspaper cutouts to block the view. Still there were parts through which I can have a look inside.

I can see Manjula. The door wasn’t shut properly. It was open for about 6-8 inches and I can clearly see her excited face.

Sudhir and Rati were indulged in sexual acts and Manjula was looking at them.

Rati was on Sudhir, jumping on his dick and cursing and shouting a little, due to pain, I presume.

Suddenly, Rati saw Manjula. She waved her in.

Manjula, was shocked for a minute. She was caught red handed, looking at her servant and maid fucking each other.