Manjula seduces the servant

“Come in Madam,” Rati said, caressing Sudhir’s hairy chest,” I know you want to be a part of this”.

She winked.

Manjula didn’t move. She didn’t run to her bedroom either. She just stood there, mesmerized with the act and looking at Rati fucking Sudhir. She wasn’t ashamed of it.

“Madam, come closer and see my dick”, Sudhir said waving at his hips.

Rati got up and moved to one side. Sudhir’s fat hairy dick was in full view. It was erect like a pole, medium sized but fat!

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Sudhir had hairs all over his body and very thick hair near his cock. His cock was glistening with Rati’s pussy juices in the dim light on Servant Quarter.

Manjula still didn’t move.

Rati got up. She was nude and looked like an angel. Slim, tight body and long hairs. She walked towards Manjula and opened the door, peeping outside, maybe to make sure that I wasn’t there, and held her hand.

“Come in Madam,” She pulled Manjula in the room and closed the door behind her,” I am sure you want to taste Sudhir’s cock”.

Sudhir was still lying on the floor mat. He caressed his wet cock with one hand and took hold of Manjula and made her sit beside him.

Manjula was in trance. She took hold of his cock. She was already acting like a bitch.

“Yes, take it. It’s yours now,” Sudhir said as Manjula caressed his testicles and stroked the cock.

Meanwhile, Rati put her pussy on Sudhir’s mouth and Sudhir started sucking her pussy. The room was filled with sexy noises. Rati was moaning with pleasure. Manjula was stroking and caressing Sudhir’s cock and Rati was pressing Manjula’s boobs over her nightie.

Soon, Manjula got rid of her only nightie. She was naked in front of lowly servants. Rati pressed Manjula’s boobs and pinched her nipples.

“Owww!,” Manjula winced,” Be gentle”.

Rati slowly started to suck Manjula’s boobs. Sudhir was finger fucking Rati now and Manjula still stroking Sudhir.

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Sudhir got stiff.

“Manjula, my bitch”, Sudhir shouted, as his waist arched upwards,” Your hands are magical, I am going to cum”.

He groaned as he shot his load. He cummed in the air and most of them dropped on Manjula’s boobs and on Rati’s face. He cummed for 2-3 minutes and then lay down, exhausted.

Manjula was still caressing his cock.

Rati licked Manjula’s boobs and cleaned them.

“Madam, maybe you should do the same to me. Clean me too”, She said, bringing her face near Manjula.

Manjula was now their bitch. She will do anything now. I stroked my cock as Manjula licked Rati’s face and wiped it clean of Sudhir’s cum. She licked it all and smiled.

“Do you like it, bitch?”, Sudhir said, looking at Manjula.

“Yes. It tastes good”, Manjula said, now sitting beside Rati and pressing her boobs.

“Well, lick my asshole and make me horny again,” Sudhir said, ” I want to fuck your pussy now”.

Manjula obeyed his orders. She was now his bitch. She did everything as asked, but that part of story to be continued in our next chapter.

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