Luck favors sometimes

Hello everyone, My name is Sharif. I have been reading Indian Sex stories on for quite some time now and this is my second story that happened a month back. I appreciate all the feedback from both males and females that I have received and thank you. Although, I was happy about the feedback and responses, I never had any luck with anyone as most of them were quick to jump on asking about my experience and meeting up without any interaction. I was interested in meeting someone with lot of experience, safety, care and trustworthy.

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One day I got a message on hangout from a lady, she was 35 yrs old with 3 kids. She was married and was a working women, staying with her hubby. We exchanged few responses and she was brief in her responses and happy to answer all that I asked. She belongs to a well-educated and rich family. She was new to this site and was looking for someone to do timepass, which hit me back making me think that this is another let down for me. I was about to respond back saying, hey I am not looking for time pass chat and was still typing, a got her pic (wow). I went ahead and responded saying you are beautiful at 35.

Unfortunately, there was no response from her for the next two days. I was interested in her but stayed quite thinking she is not interested. I happened to email her after two days checking how is she, still no response. I got a response on 5th day, telling I’m sorry my phone fell and had no smart phone to reply you.

We slowly started talking from that day and happened to know each other well. My name is Ali, single and working guy from Bangalore. She is Avani from MP but settled in Bangalore from last 13 years as it was her love marriage. She was happily married and settled but from last few years she was not happy with her married life. Her hubby was working for an IT company and had no time for the family including weekends. She use to have sex with him just once in two months which was just straight sex with no foreplay, love or kiss. She never use to get even to suck and in few mins the game is over leaving her unsatisfied.

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In fact, she has been thinking of someone but she was scared to try something like that but was a desperate women. My story made her think to go forward with her heart and mind accepting the fact she is alone and need someone badly. In no time we knew what we are looking and starting with simple and romantic chats and she was getting horny and wet. Her every message had a feeling that she needs love and care badly. I asked her without wasting any time, if she is interested to meet and she was ready. We decided the day and time to meet and luckily her hubby had to go to native for few days.

We decided to meet her home when her kids go to school. As per time, I was near her apartment which was huge build and had to check with security to enter it. I wasn’t comfortable with it and messaged her, if she is okay to pick me and in 5 mins she was near the gate with black top and jeans making her look like an angel with glow on her face and took me thru the behind gate that had no security and gate was for private use. Guy’s sometime luck favors you with all that needs to happen. She was simply beautiful, very fair and down to earth women with all features that need to be in women.

As soon as we reached the compound, she asked to wait for few mins while she reach her apartment and then come to the block C, second floor and door so no one can doubt on us. It was a busy compound with people walking. As said I went little later to find her waiting for me.

We hugged without even closing the doors and I could feel her heart biting and she was nervous. We parted and introduced each other and she offered me to get fresh and comfortable. I was not in mood to get fresh and hold her tightly again in my arms and pulled her to close to my face with each other lips with an inch away. She was shy and tried to move back but he was holding her too tight to move or even she had that strength to move. Well she started to process and kissed, giving the single, we are good. I could feel the warn spit and taste when we were kissing and she was getting made. I felt as if she is gone bite by lips and tongue which can hurt me. I wasn’t able to control that and moved her. She said sorry, I was kissing someone after long time and you taste nice. I could see in her eyes the excitement and felt that she is going to be hard to handle for few hours and that’s what happened.

We continue kissing and we were relaxed. She smelled so nice so I was losing the sense and started kissing her earlobes, neck and chin. She was getting wild whenever, I reached her earlobes that are the week point for women’s. After a while I moved towards her lower neck and squeeze her tits which were very soft and average size. I lifted her to bedroom and placed her on the bed and moved on her with her legs wide opened.

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I moved to her navel by moving the t-shirt up and I love the tummy area of women and navel especially on a fair skin. I just put my head inside the t-shirt and started playing with her tits. It felt good and slow removed her top and see pink bra. I simply started biting her tits and nipples above her bra. The skin around was getting red with my wild attack on her which she was loving. She pushed me to side and came on top of me and started kissing all over my face, ears, neck and unbuttoned by shirt to reveal my chest and started licking, bite and sucking my nipples (honestly she was hurting me but I was loving the way she was doing it).It continued for 10 mins when I felt I have do the same with her and moved her.