Latha Chechi – My Sex Teacher

Latha chechi was very tasty. This Literotica sex story is about what happened when I was 18 year old. I am born to a good aristocratic family. I know about sex from 14 year of age. I used to read lot of sex storybooks and masturbate at least once in a day. My teacher, Latha was aged 28 was from Kollam. mallu chechi sex porn photo videos.

She was staying in our big house as a paying guest since she was a friend of my aunty since no body was there except my mother and me. All others were in various places with their jobs. She was from a middle class family.

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I was very poor in maths and her subject was mathematics. She had got pressure from my mother that, to take math’s tuition for me. She agreed to that and every day after school hours. She was staying in first floor near to my room. She was very brilliant and reserved especially to boys like my age.

Once she was sitting on floor and helping my mother to prepare dinner and I came there to drink a glass of water and I got a beautiful glimpse that perfect pairs. But she never knew that, I was watching her round shaped breasts through her lower cut jumper. It was a beautiful scene since she had no bra inside.

She was used to wear skirt and long type jumper in house. She was very cute looking with good shaped boobs and well shaped buttocks and those buttocks is just like the backside of Veena’s south Indian musical instrument. In my fantasy I used to masturbate of thinking her perfect round shaped large boobs, buttocks and deep navel. I was very sure that my dreams would not come true because she was very strict to me since I am aged 18 and studying for Pre-Degree.

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One day I was alone in my house and was reading one good sex magazine. There was a story of a boy aged 18 was seduced by his tuition teacher and that boy was referring the hot scenes of famous Malayalam movie “RATHINIRVEDAM” to her teacher while making love.

Really those scenes were terrific and I have seen that pictures in Nana Film Magazine. I was dreaming that teacher is my Latha chechi and boy me. That day nobody was there except Latha chechi and me since Mother left to attend a marriage at Combatore. Since Chechi was there and she had a plan to take me to her house in Kollam during Christmas vacation Mother told me to stay there. Suddenly she entered to my room and I couldn’t get time enough to hide it. She noticed the sex magazine in between my books and taken it out along with Film Magazine.

I was totally upset to see this and got scared of thinking about the consequences of this incident. I begged her to hide this incident from my mother and return the book to me. But she was not ready to do that. She has taken that book to her room. I was shocked literally and went to bath. After one hour she come back from her room and asked me to keep the book very safely. I am much surprised to hear that.

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She started taking class with a different mood and different style of smile. I understood that, she gone through the almost all pages of that book and especially she would have read that story of seducing a young boy of my age. She gave me some problems and left to bath. After bath she came to my room and stood very close to me in the way of pretending to watch the math’s problems, which I am working on.

I could smell her sweet jasmine smell since she used Jai soap. A young boy and beautiful lady with a terrific body near him what will happen? She slowly put her hands through my shoulder with very friendly and covered my face and whispered in my ears “Raju, do you want to get seduced by me like the boy in Magazine?” I was stunned to hear that since I never expected such a move from Teacher because she was always strict to me.

It was December and outside rain started suddenly to pour in, she told me come to Dining room. After food it was around 9.30 Pm she left to her room. After some time I heard she was calling me from her room. Heavy rain continued outside with Thunder and lightning. I entered the room and she was lying-in that double cot bed and her dress was same like Rathi chechi in that film.

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