Latha Chechi – My Sex Teacher

She was hissing like a snake I buried my face there and her hand pressed my face to that honey spot .She was becoming wet and wet. I sucked her cunt very well while she was crying with happiness. My mouth was moving very fast and at last she reached a fantastic orgasm.

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She was lying there tired. Her face, neck, round shaped breasts, navel, and inner thighs were with full of sweat drops and I licked with much happiness. She was lying with closed eyes in that double-cot bed and I was eagerly watching that naked body again and again.

Because that body was a perfect 10 as in gymnastics and naked statues of Temples cannot compete with her definitely.

After few minutes she opened her eyes and invited me with stretched hands ”Raju, my sweet prince come and enter me “. I reached her and she has taken my cock to her hand covered with full of kisses and it was in rock hard position again. It was really big and fat so she applied to oil to it and taken it her waiting honey pot. Slowly very slowly it was entering her while my chest was crushing against her twins.

It entered her love spot full and the vaginal walls were pressing my cock. I was feeling the hotness of her cunt in my pulsating cock. We moved together and while getting the movement faster she told me change the position and she came in top. She started her movement faster and faster and the moment was incredible. Her breasts were jigging and he told me to crush it hard with my hands.

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While I was doing it her movement too fast and she become mad. My cock was moving like a piston and her vaginal walls were very tight against my cock since it is too big and it was her first sexual experience with a boy. Both us were reaching really the seventh heaven and at a final beautiful moment we came together and reached a terrific climax, which she or I cannot explain.

She collapsed and fallen to my chest and we slept like that for at least 10 minutes without uttering any words. Then slowly I got up and laid in bed Her body was full of sweat drops and while watching her beautiful naked body I got mad. I have seen sweat drops flowing from the valley of her perfect twins through the belly hair to her deep navel. While licking that from that navel she was caressing my hairs. Then she told me to change the position.

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She kept my face between those beautiful twins and told me “ Raju cover me with your hands and legs “. She also covered me the same way. Our first experience was the best one and we slept till 8 AM next morning.

Next two days we were alone in that big house and we tried so many lovemaking positions and she was enjoying her younger boy with all freedom and he was also in heaven since a perfect body was there for him to do anything. We had the bath together next morning and she was showing the dental and nail bruises around her round shaped breasts, on shoulders, around navel and inside innerthighs, buttocks to her younger lover.she asked me “Kutta, enta enne chaithathu? (What you have done me?)

After two days we left to Kollam and when we reached there her mother and brother were not there. They went to Madras along with his Father since her brother has to attend an interview to IIT.She was happy since we can continue our lovemaking session here also.

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While resting between her thunderous thighs she told me that even oral lovemaking is more better than what she had with Geetha who was her cousin sister.

She told me that next day she will be coming to our house to stay with us. She was aged 30. While pressing me into the valley of breasts she told me that she will give me to Geetha since she never enjoyed the real sex from a boy or young man so that they are continuing this lesbian relationship whenever they are together.

When Latha chechi met her that day she told Geetha regarding her terrific and exotic experience with me since they are close friends and Geetha requested Latha to give her a chance. I was really stunned to hear this. Latha chechi told me “don’t worry Raju. It is really a pleasant thing to you..

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Because at this age you are going to enjoy virginity of another young girl but she put one condition that after the first day she wants to see our lovemaking. Then I also requested her that I want to see how they are making love.

Then she told me shamelessly that we could make it a threesome.