Wife fucked at Audition – Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you guys got a chance to go thru the previous part of this horny Audition sex story! My indian wife is fucked and participates in sex during an Audition for a TV serial. Do make an effort and read this amazing sex story about my wife!

“That’s good my boy! That scene was acted out very emotionally!”

He turned to Gauhar and said “Good show Gauhar!”

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indian wife fucked during an auditionAfter that, Shyaam said, we will continue after lunch. My wife came and sat next to me and said she wants to have a private moment with me. I took her to the lounge again.

“Avin, I am not very comfortable with this, we will go!”

“Why, what happened?”

“No, I am not professional enough to take all this kissing, hugging and all as acting. It feels odd! We will go!”

I also felt things are carried a bit too far. After all they told it’s a family soap but already my wife’s ass cheeks have been fondled many times and she has been kissed in the lips by a college boy!

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“Ok Gauhar, I will tell them and come. After all it’s not courteous to leave just like that!”

When I went to Shyaam, he had just then completed his lunch and on seeing me he smiled amiably at me. Before I could start talking he said,

“Hey Avin, your wife is a real find man. The director is very impressed. He says has going to make a mega serial with her for sure. By the way, I forgot……..Here’s your wife’s audition allowance Rs. 25000/- Take it. He thrust rupee notes into my hands. Instead of telling him anything, my hands silently started counting the notes.

“Be back at the audition room by 3 OK, The director is very strict on time.” Shyaam told me and I nodded to him and returned to my wife.

“Gauhar, They are very good people. They are highly professional. After all won’t you kiss your own brother? Take it like that. And that director is anyway much older than your father. What’s wrong in his teaching you by touching you?”

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I argued with my wife and convinced her to continue the audition. After having a quick lunch, we went back to the room and this time I found that the room’s lighting had changed and it almost looked like a television setting and Javed was in one corner with a film shooting camera. He was adjusting the lighting of the room.

“Haan, Gauhar, you have come in time” The director looked pleased. Shyaam told me that my wife had cleared the photo trials and now they will be shooting some reels of the serial to see how she looked on screen. So, it almost will be a real simulation of a shooting. My wife’s face started sweating with the heavy focus lights on her as she was not used to this.

Shyaam called for a touch up boy and a 14 yr old boy entered the room with a make-up set and he went to my wife. He was clad in trousers. He wiped her face with a towel and then took a sponge and applied some powder on her. After applying, he touched her up with his plain hands and he didn’t just stop with her face.

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He did this for her neck, her hips and also the exposed portion of her back which was not covered by her choli. While his hands were caressing my wife’s hips, I heard my wife give a mild gasp but she restrained herself. Then the touch up boy went to the side of the room and waited there. Because he was wearing just trousers, I could clearly see a bulge in that.

A 14 yr old boy having an erection after fondling my wife’s’ hips. If anybody had told me yesterday that this will happen, I wouldn’t have believed. But here, it was, happening right in front of me.

Once all lighting arrangements were made the director called Rohit and Gauhar and told them to enact the morning’s scenes from first. Rohit started with the dialogue “Sister, I have passed!” and followed it with a tight hug. This time his hands automatically went to my wife’s ass cheeks to press them and my wife too was pressing against his body without any resistance.

Javed’s video camera was shooting the whole thing. Then the kissing sequence started and my wife and Rohit started kissing each other on the forehead and cheeks.

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