Wife fucked at Audition – Part 2

By now, except me every other male was getting bolder with my wife and even the very professional Shyaam too went near her and said she is doing a great job and planted a kiss on her cheeks. My wife appeared to take it all in her stride.

She didn’t even bother this time when the touch up boy came near her and removed her pallu and wiped off the sweat from her navel and other areas.
“Hey boy, wipe her cleavage too! That’s reflecting in the camera!” Javed yelled and my wife even bent to the boy who was kneeling in front of her to show her cleavage and he wiped her cleavage too! This time it looked as though his cock would pop out of his trousers.

Even Rohit who, just a few minutes back was about to aggressively chew off my wife’s lips went to her and apologized ” Sorry Didi, Just became emotional!” and when my wife accepted his apology and smiled back at him, he gave a tender kiss on her lips and moved away. My wife was surprised but didn’t react.

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I was just astonished how these very people who had just met my wife today had the guts to behave so intimately with my wife. I thought that that is the way they moved with all actresses and so they were just being normal.

The director this time went on to proceed with the next scene. He said that my wife’s feeling towards Rohit was not just sisterly but even motherly and this should be shown symbolically to the audience. So he asked Rohit to keep his head just beneath my wife’s big boobs and asked my wife to hold Rohit’s head as if she was milk – feeding him.

Like every woman, this motherly touch appealed to my wife and she very enthusiastically held Rohit close to her breasts. She didn’t even mind Rohit’s lips brushing against her breasts through her Sari. Suddenly the cut command came from Javed. He came close to my wife and adjusted her pallu such that her pallu is slightly inclined to one side and Rohit’s face is in contact with my wife’s palluless blouse.

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Rohit pressed his face against my wife’s blouse and my wife too hugged him tightly and pressed his face against her boobs in a very motherly way. Rohit must have been really stimulated by brushing his face against the big boobs of my wife.

Then Rohit got up and held my wife tightly. His hands were around her round buttocks again and he pulled her towards her. As her buttocks were being caressed repeatedly that afternoon, my wife hardly felt anything and didn’t even move away. Instead she looked straight at Rohit and said her dialogue “Brother, I am not just a sister to you. I am like your mother!” She then kissed his forehead as narrated by the director.

Once my wife started kissing, again Rohit went to his old ways and started kissing Gauhar’s lips. Though this was not in the script and was not told by the director, since he was not biting, my wife did not resist much. Seeing that my wife was not resisting, this time Rohit got really bold and even put his tongue into my wife’s mouth. My wife tried to withdraw her mouth but he held her tight and licked her lips with his tongue.

I must say here that my wife has a weakness for French kiss.

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Even at home, whenever she is not in mood, I French kiss her and bring her to mood. When Rohit repeatedly inserted his tongue into her mouth, she gave in and responded with her tongue. Seeing my wife extend her tongue, Rohit was overjoyed and he sucked her tongue with his mouth. He then extended his tongue and looked at my wife. Rohit was twisting his tongue just in front of Gauhar’s lips in a very inviting way .

My wife was hesitant for a second or 2. Then her impulse got the better of her and she too extended her tongue and met Rohit’s tongue. After brushing her tongue against his for two three seconds she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue. Rohit hugged her blissfully and started caressing the exposed portion of her back. My wife too was entirely lost in a world of passion and was sucking this college boys tongue.

After about 3 minutes of passionate kissing and mutual tongue sucking, my wife came to her senses and withdrew.

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The director also timed his “cut” signal to match this. My wife was ashamed to look at any of us and simply bowed her head and looking at the floor. She must have felt completely uneasy after sucking a young boys tongue in a fit of passion in front of four men out of which one was her husband. The director immediately patted her encouragingly and asked her to take a break.

My wife came and sat next to me very hesitatingly. She just couldn’t bring herself up to look at my eyes. I was also thoroughly shaken by what had happened. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that my wife will be tongue kissing a college boy in front of me. My mind was telling me that things had gone too far.

At least initially, it looked OK. Brother – sister hug and all that. But now, it had totally gone out of control. Which brother will tongue kiss his sister and which sister will suck her brothers tongue like this. And which family soap is going to telecast this.

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My suspicions about the whole project grew in my mind. And as long as my wife was hesitant about acting intimately and withdrawing herself from Rohit’s face, I could sit there watching it. But the scene which they shot just now…..She seemed to go after his tongue like anything and it appeared as if she wanted to permanently keep his tongue inside her mouth. No…., things were going out of control! But, there was no point in blaming my wife for it.

I only put her into this and which woman of 28 can repeatedly control herself after about 2 hours of kissing, ass fondling and navel caressing. After all she was a woman too! I made a quick decision. I put my arms comfortingly around my wife and my wife turned to look at me. I could see guilt written all over her face. There were tears in the corner of her eyes and I wiped it.

“Let’s go from here, Avin” she hissed!

“Ya, I also thought the same thing! Let’s go!” I said and was about to get up. Just then Shyaam’s hand touched my shoulders and I turned.

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“Mr. Avin, I want to have a discussion with you!” He took me to the next room. This room looked like an office. I understood that they used this room for making agreements.

“Please be seated Avin!” Shyaam’s voice was very friendly.

To be continued…