Christmas gift to my Desi Wife – Part 2

Hi all. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020. This story is about how my Indian house wife got fucked. This is Vishal male of mid 30. My wife Priya is definitely a raw & great fuck. She is 26. She is capable of doing all sorts of nasty fuck & never gets tired. She is 5’2”, milky white body with huge boobs.

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Let’s move on with the story now.

Indian wife fucked hardSaying this she shifted towards him & now her body was touching him very well. I found little place & sat on the corner.

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It was not big enough. Priya’s body was completely in his control. Sam took his hand back & placed on the headrest at her back.

His hand touched her back well. Is it Ok? Priya asked. If not you can keep on her shoulder.

I cracked. I didn’t mean that. Priya said shying. Ha ha ha we all laughed. You people seem want to change your bed.

Sam said. If you don’t mind, you can use my flat. It is good, not very far only 20 km from here on the highway. No body stays there. We go there to spend weekend.

He continued. I looked at Priya. She was little doubtful. Don’t worry no body will disturb you.

He was trying to convince us. Ok let me think. I said. Priya got up & stood in front of us facing lake. We were talking.

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They were educated guy & from good family. I thought to give a try. Priya found a tap around fifty meter far.

She wanted to drink water. Sam joined her. They were walking very close & talking to each other. Their body touched frequently.

Priya drenched her sweater while drinking water. She showed me that.

I got good chance to squeeze her mounts in front of them.

After leaving one, I hold other one & gave her firm squeeze.

She smiled. Take it out or you will be sick. Sam said. Priya smiled naughtily.

Her smile said she was not wearing anything beneath. Priya became free with Sam.

They were joking, laughing as they know each other since long.

Priya’s eyes were continuously teasing him.

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Let’s go to bar. I suggested.

They agreed in fraction. I drove half an hour & reached a hotel located little outskirt of the city.

Sam & his friend followed us in bike. Bar cum restaurant was there in the first floor.

Hotel was good but used for wrong purpose also. We entered inside the bar.

It was excellent decorated. They made artificial garden inside. Lots of leaves, stems like construction were giving real antique looks.

It was crowded too. We had to wait for half an hour. Finally, we got table at 10.00pm.

We sat in the corner. Bulbs were hanging over the tables. A lot of families were there inside.

Mostly people were enjoying drinks. I found the opposite corner would be good.

It was completely separated from that big hall. We shifted there.

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I intentionally sat opposite to Priya so that Sam can sit beside her. We settled there & placed order.

Drinks came soon. Slowly restaurant was getting empty. Priya take out your sweater. It was still wet. I suggested.

Priya looked at all of us then slowly pulled her pullover up. She was wearing a thin inner inside.

Half size of her mounts was visible. It was tight & short too. She was horny, her eyes seemed.

Her deep navel was exposed too. Sam & deep were delighted. They both appreciated her beauty.

We had two pecks whisky by then & Priya one. We all were having effect of it. Sam & Priya were touching each other frequently.

Instead of leaning on the seat rest, she leaned on the wall. Her semi naked boobs were exposed in front of his eyes.

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