Tailor fucks my Wife – Part 2

Hi, this is Nethra sharing with my own sensual tailor sex stories. I hope you read the first part Desi Big Boobs Wife fondled by this tailor. Now without any delay, let’s get your lund upright and continue with the story!

I sighed and handed him my blouse. He took and was standing still there. I looked at him questioningly. He said ‘your brassiere too …. Nethra madam’.

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I thought for a bit now… I was very reluctant to give away my brassiere, at the same time there wasn’t a place I could keep it without spoiling it and making it wet & dirty.

desi boobs wife fucked by tailorHe told once again, ‘it is okay Nethra madam and gave a big smile ‘. I told him to wait and closed the door and unsnapped the hook at the back and took it off, opened the door covering myself with the pallu and peeked my head out to see him standing right at the door close to me.

‘Here … I gave him the bra and noticed that he was looking beyond me at the mirror while taking it from me. He was getting an eyeful of the side view of my naked boob from the side through the reflection from one of the mirrors behind me and was smiling (thinking of his fortune perhaps). I had shut the door quickly.

I lowered my pallu, wrapped it one more time around and tucked it on my hip. I started trying this model blouse and just then noticed that I would definitely need a second pair of hands to secure all those knots at my back.

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I managed to wear both the shoulders of the blouse and was thinking about what to do to tie it from behind. About the same time, there was a knock on the door and Ramcharan asked from outside if everything was fine.

I said I am having a problem and opened the door to peek my head out. ‘I don’t know how to tie these….and let the sentence trail.

He nodded understandingly and pushed the door wider saying ‘ here… Let me help you. This is typical problem with backless ones’ and came in.

He told me to turn around and presumably looked engrossed in his work while trying to tie the knots on my bare back… His hands were all over my bare back in his attempt to tie zig sag knots.

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He was trying to pull the last 2 strings together and since it was too tight making me vince in pain a bit. ‘Am sorry Nethra madam’. He said, ‘it is too tight. My mistake ‘ he was undoing the knots while speaking, ‘I shall bring the next size in a min.’, but for that I need the current size as they are almost the same ‘ and with that in one whisk he turned me around to face him and tugged the tight choli off my shoulder in one surprisingly quick motion and it came down to my braces in his powerful yank.

He gently took the silk blouse off me leaving me standing in daze. He made no attempt to look at my naked breasts as I shrieked and covered them up, ad stood there dumb. He left the room before I said anything.

I was confused by this and thought that he must be a true gentleman and these must have been a part of his day to day job. He came back in a few seconds with another blouse and knocked and entered.

He smiled at me when he saw me standing with my hands covering my naked breasts and placed the choli and on my shoulder and went out.

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I was in an internal turmoil of emotions by now and my senses were shamefully in fire.

I meekly called him after I wore it on my shoulders. I just noticed that this one was sleeveless. He came in with no formalities and with a busy smile and directly walked behind me and dutifully tied the knots.

It fitted me perfectly and he told me to look at myself in the mirror on all sides. Not to mention, the knots were clinging to my flesh and there were small folds of flesh formed on either side of each knot.

4 of them in total in zig sag array.

He stepped behind and admired his handy work. He told me to wear the pallu over me. Till then having forgotten all about it, a new rush of shame filled in me; I took the pallu and put it over the saree.

He adjusted it a bit here and there. He said,’ you look very nice and sexy Nethra madam, you may have to expose some more in the hip region to look more appealing.

‘One second pls’ and he started lowering my saree frills just below navel a bit more than what it was already , ‘the frills should begin by at least an inch below navel…  And you have a nice deep one to show off proudly and make of fleet of gentlemen raise their eye-brows and women burn with envy… Like I said this guy knows to talk.”

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