Christmas gift to my hot desi Wife – Part 4

Hi all. Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020. This story is about how my Indian house wife got fuck with strangers. This is Vishal male of mid 30. My wife Priya is definitely a raw & great fuck. She is 26. She is capable of doing all sorts of nasty fuck & never gets tired. My homely desi indian wife is 5’2”, milky white body with huge boobs and nice hairy pussy.

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Let’s get with the story now..

She spread her both hands towards him & said, come on.

He too lied on his side beside her & took his face close to her boob.

She asked for my handkerchief. I gave her immediately.

She tied his eyes with it in no time. hey what are you doing? He shouted.

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Nothing honey, just playing with you. Saying this she pushed him & he fall on his back.

She immediately got up & sat on his chest.

She threw towel from her chest, pulled his both hands up to her boobs & started squeezing her own boobs with his hands.

He couldn’t believe his luck. He squeezed few more time to realize those were real.

I never felt so soft & huge tits. He complimented & started licking her nipples.

Those were erected & hard. He squeezed very hard. His every squeeze was giving her pleasure.

She threw her head back number of times while moaning high. Yes, yes, yes harder, harder, harder yeah yeah.

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She became a bitch completely. She was moving her crotch to & fro on his chest. I want to suck these.

He begged. Priya fall on his face immediately & pour her boobs in his mouth one by one.

Now his both hands, lips tongue all were engaged caressing her boobs.

He sucked wild. She smashed her boobs hard in his mouth. Sometimes he became breathless.

He slowly started caressing her ass. While sucking her boobs he took his hands on her ass cheeks & squeezed.

He slipped his hands inside her thighs & grabbed her naked ass. Wait for a minute.

Saying Priya stood up completely. Her legs were on his both sides. She unhooked her skirt on her ass & pulled the zip down.

I am taking this fucking cloth out. He cried. No, I will go then. She too cried.

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