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Her both hands were busy too caressing his cock & balls. His dick & balls were huge.

It would be of 8 inch & his balls were heavy too. She then pulled the skin down & licked it looking at my eyes.

She left his dick for a second & jumped on me to taste my dick too. Both are good.

She laughed. She then took his full length inside his mouth. How I don’t know, but she did so. I could see his balls stuck to her chin.

You are a whore. I uttered. She continued sucking him.

He was moaning in pleasure.aaah yesssss. Yes, He started stroking in her throat.

Priya was satisfied seeing his size in full erection. You like this? she asked. Yes, come on now fuck me.

He answered impatiently. Ok. Saying this she went ahead. She poured her tits in his mouth & lifted her one leg to ride him.

She sat on his dick. he started sucking her nipples. He too thought to play with her.

He grabbed his own dick so that Priya couldn’t get full penetration.

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She started stroking but his hand was creating real obstruction.

Why the hell you holding it. Leave it. She cried. You like my dick haaan, like it? he asked.

Yes I want to fuck it. Come on. Saying this she started stroking faster. He left his dick & pulled her on him tightly.

She poured her face on his shoulder & fucking him vigorously. They weren’t having full penetration as Priya lied on him completely.

He was not satisfied so he too started fucking her from down.

His eyes were still closed. Aaann nnh nnh aaah aaah fuck me fuck me yes yes tear my pussyyyyyyyyy.

She was groaning. Yeah yeah yeah aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaa she was crying.

He was squeezing & slapping her ass chicks hard. His dick was being invisible in her huge ass.

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He was slapping her thigh too. Then he inserted his hands between her thighs cupped her huge voluptuous ass.

With every stroke it was making huge sound. You want to see me? Haan haaan She was saying breathlessly. Yes yes. I want to see your fucking pussy.

She lifted the handkerchief slight up & his eyes came out. She hugged him tightly while fucking his brain out.

His eyes were almost close in excitement.

He once thought to see her through the mirror of opposite wall & tried to lift his head. But he was unfortunate.

Priya was in complete control. He could see only her bare shoulder. Priya started fucking him hard & hard.

He found he was coming. He kept his eyes closed tightly in excitement.

Look at me look at me honey. See me. Check out my tits.

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I don’t think you saw something like this before. Looking at his closed eyes she was fucking him deep.

Keeping his dick fully inside for few seconds taking her hips out. Priya immediately covered his eyes again.

You are a bitch aaaaahhhh aaahhhh he shouted & hugged her tightly. You like this? Aaahh aaaaaaahhh aaaahhh Priya too was close to her orgasm.

She suddenly fall on him & her body was trembling like anything. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh she again started fucking him hard. Aaaah aaaahhh I am coming aaahh He too was groaning.

Fill my pussy honey.

Today this cunt is yours I told you. Fuck it, fill it do whatever you like.

Saying this she started rubbing her crotch on him. He came deep inside.

His semen was dripping from her pussy with her every stroke.

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