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Hello. I am here to preset you with my new Free Sex Stories & more Hindi sex stories on Ever since I got a job in Bangalore, I and my mom Radhika shifted there. We were living in a 2BHK and we had our own rooms and privacy. Though she couldn’t adjust to the fast life and the atmosphere at first, she gradually got adapted to the city life and it was visible in all her hemispheres – dressing style, beauty consciousness, and occasional parties.

Actually, my mom began to enjoy the freedom away from my dad. She started wearing modern dresses, she frequently visited the spas. I could see her transforming into a much attractive lady in her new attire.

We would go shopping on weekends as I love to buy her modern dresses. We became cool with each other and little was I ashamed when I go with her to a lingerie shop. Mom had always observed the life of young IT guys and was fascinated. She had acquired a few friends – some neighbors and a few of my friends and their parents.

Things were going smoothly when one day, while I was in office I got a call from an unknown number. I picked the call and it was my mom. She asked me to quickly come to a nearby mall. I asked if she was in some sort of danger. She was cool and said to me that there no immediate danger.

I quickly got a cab and reached there. I called at mom’s number and a man took the phone. He asked me to come to the office space in the mall. When I reached, there were a few security personals. I told them I was asked to come here and they talked to someone on the intercom and showed me a cabin. I reached and knocked on the door.

Somebody said, “come in” and I entered. I saw my mom was sitting on a chair and two men of around 30 and 45 ages were there. I entered and asked mom what happened. She was not speaking and turned her head.

The older guy interrupted and told me that she was found stealing something from the shop. I was shocked and asked mom if it was true. She was denying it and told me these people were trying to frame her. I was offended a lot and started arguing with the people over there. But they told me they had evidence and to either obey them or let the police handle the situation.

I was stunned and I didn’t know what to ask mom or those people. So I was thinking whether I should ask them for the evidence but my mom’s silence made me uncertain. I never wanted me or her to be in any trouble and that too in a different place.

I asked the people what they need now. They told me they have to search her.

My mom was wearing a red chiffon saree with a red blouse. I said okay and they said, “strip search”. I asked, “Can’t you guys search with the clothes on?”

They said they caught her stealing from the lingerie section and she was seen going into the trial room with some fancy costly lingerie. I was ashamed of hearing my mom’s act and was literally pleading them to let us go and allow me to pay compensation. They were hesitant to my requests.

I told mom that she would need to remove her saree at least. She asked me to stand outside. But those people asked me to stay here.

Mom was ashamed of removing her saree in front of three guys and asked if there was any girl staff to which they replied no. They started to lose their patience.

Soon mom removed her pallu and then her saree. She was in a red petticoat and blouse. The older guy came near her and touched on her back and he said that he has some suspicions and started to check my mom’s body like a professional.

He went to her back and immediately captured her boobs like he was searching, but everyone could understand he was feeling her beautiful 36D boobs! We were shocked and mom moved away from him in fear.

Then the other guy said, “Either you co-operate with the search or the police will come”.

She was afraid and I said to mom, “For the sake of God, please just stand still”.

The guy started to feel her body inch by inch. I could see that the dicks of these guys rising. I was very afraid and was in a dilemma. My sexual instincts were not on. I was just worried and let everything to God.

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Soon the older guy called the younger guy and told him to search her. So the younger guy also started feeling mom and in some time, he said she was wearing 3 or 4 undergarments. I was shocked. Mom was not saying anything and there was no expression on her face. Soon they asked mom to remove her blouse and petticoat to which we had to obey since she was caught already.

She was standing in front of her son and two other guys in just her bra and panties, that too 5 pairs of it! Mom was not looking at me. She was glancing into the four corners of the room when the security guys started calling us dirty words.

I pleaded with them to let us go without filing a case and they asked mom to remove all their belongings. Soon my mom was naked. She was covering her boobs with her right hand and pussy with her left hand. The guys told us that they would let us free if she satisfied them and had an indian group fuck session then and there. I was so shocked and so was she.

“Not in front of my son”, mom said and asked me to go out. But the guys said, “no, you should watch her getting banged”.

I was scared as well as a little horny watching my mom being a feast for some random guys. Soon the guys started playing with her boobs from both sides. They were calling her dirty words and she was just standing there without any emotions while her naked body was ruthlessly groped by 2 guys.

They kept doing it for a while and then asked her to kneel down. With the blink of an eye, two cocks were out of the pants and throbbing at my naked mom. Her nipples were slowly getting erect and I was looking at that. I was watching her giving blowjobs to the 2 cocks one by one.

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Soon she was asked to lie on the table which she did. The older guy whose cock was a huge monster came between her legs and started to rub her pussy with his dick. After some tease, he pushed his monster into my mom’s pussy. She let out a large moan and started to moan in a low voice with his every stroke.

The other guy was playing with both her boobs and taking pictures. And then they told me to take my cock out. My cock was very small compared to theirs. They mocked me and my future wife and asked me to masturbate and cum in my mom’s mouth.

I started doing it watching them fuck and cumming deep in her pussy. Finally, they asked me to ejaculate in her mouth and asked her to drink and suck my little baby for some time as they watched. Soon they let us free and we hurried back home for some new sexual adventures.